Ebay....hitting hard again

Hey…so I am having some issues with ebay.

I try to sell but get this message.

It looks like you don’t have a reimbursement payment method on file with us. To complete your listing, please add a payment method. This payment method will be charged the amount due to eBay when we’ve refunded a buyer for cases brought under our Buyer Protection Policy.

Ummm…is anyone else getting this message? They have never asked me for such before. Abouth 2 months ago, I had a bad buyer who put the wrong address on ebay. She won auction, she paid, I mailed, she never got the item and before she contacted me or ebay she requested a refund from the paypal site. I called paypal and discussed everything and while they could see where she wrote she had put the wrong address, well buyer still got her full refund. Including shipping/handling which is, as all sellers/traders know, not refundable. I did at least get the item back, 6 weeks or so later. I added her to the ban list. But I still lost out on the shipping, and they just took the reimbursement from paypal.

Which brings me to wonder why they need a credit card, since they can always just take money from your paypal (if you lose a case), and if there is no money in paypal balance they will then just take it from your linked bank account (as they do when you buy, unless you set a credit card as your main funding source). So they have 2 reimbursement methods, why do they need a third??? It seems it is just another way to screw over sellers.

Try to call ebay. They will explain to you what to do. You shouldn’t need to add another payment method.