eBay bidders who don't pay

My last list of auctions were all bid and won by the same bidder, and I was so excited because the cards went for decent prices. However, the damn bidder never paid for them. I hate that eBay sellers can’t leave negative feedback for bidders who don’t pay, I think its unfair. That’s my sour grapes for the day…

Amen to that! I absolutely can’t stand it especially when I list auctions. If I relist the auction it never seems to go as high as it did the first time so it’s a lose-lose situation for the seller no matter what :confused:

Yeah, I really don’t understand why sellers can’t leave negative feedback. Does anyone know why?

Yeah it’s frustrating that we can’t do that.

I’m dealing with 2 no-payers right now… >>; *sigh*

I had one person that bought a graded card through Buy it Now, (requiring immediate payment) and then 5 minutes later he opens a case to end the deal! Even though I already received his payment, he had the right to mess up my reputation if I didn’t refund his money. :angry:

And then there’s always the excuse of “My grandson hacked into my account and bid on your auction.” :confused:

Well then you just report their account as hacked and it gets shut down :rage: