Buyer Accountability

I recently had someone win an auction and did not pay until a case was opened and I reminded them about their $20 purchase. I received notification that the buyer paid and left a message in the transaction details. The message read, “Will be returning, thought it was the complete set.”

Here is the auction. This situation is not the first time this has occurred. The frustrating aspect is that the seller is creating a situation where I will have to do unnecessary work because they did not read the title or description.

Has anyone else had this happen to them?

Problems happening everywhere this week Scott, Sorry to hear about that it. Even though it was still a small sum I can see why you’d be frustrated. I personally wouldn’t accept his return only due it being his fault for not reading the title correctly. But ebay would say otherwise.

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Cancel it, ebay should auto refund and NOT make you pay fees, and block the buyer. That is just rude and bad buying practice.

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I actual just got off the phone with eBay and they were perfect. They manually went in and cancelled it so I wouldn’t have to wait for the buyer to respond. They remixed this situation much faster than I expected. Now only if they could do something about the non-paying buyers!

If anyone wants to add this buyer to their block list, here is the username:




It’s really, really annoying.

I had about five buyers or even more when I was selling games on eBay in February. The all wanted to cancel their purchases because they didn’t read descriptions (and titles!) and bought the wrong version of the game.

Cancelling before sending payment is slightly less frustrating. I have that happen on the regular and have unfortunately grown accustom to that “standard”.

I had someone purchase a card, pay, and then tell me they did not want it right after paying. Then they explained that their “kid” purchased it and ultimately decided to keep the card. I literally could not even.

Yeah, tell me about it…
As I remember three of those buyers paid and wanted to cancel after payment was made.
I had six transactions like this during one week.