Nonpaying Buyers

Hey all,

I wanted to gather some opinions on those buyers that seem to just want your products but not actually pay for them. How do you handle these situations? In my last two years, I have encountered only several buyers that meet this criterion. They generally low-ball on an item and then agree to my charitable discount (sometimes at my own loss). We agree upon a sale and sometimes a month will pass before they make it clear they have no intention of paying me. If you identify this attitude early on, what would be the best way to address it? I am always passing up potential sales for the sake of these nonpaying buyers.


I’m still waiting on this guy to pay for an ooyama’s pikachu… it was an auction with multiple other bidders… this particular buyer is international so I figured he was upset about the shipping costs, but that’s no reason to avoid contact.

another buyer did exactly what you described, accepting my charitable discount and then still hasnt paid… So frustrating!

It is incredibly frustrating. I often email these buyers and ask that they tell me whether or not they intend to pay simply so that I know if I should sell the product to someone else. I don’t mind so much if it is an official deal on eBay since I do not deal with buyers who have two unpaid items in their history (thank you eBay). Sorry to hear about the Ooyama’s Pikachu!

hmm can’t you block Ebayers who have had multiple claims/strikes or past pay disputes from bidding? That should eliminate those with history of not paying and who have gone through resolution centre claims.

My Ebay / account / site preferences / buyer requirements

Just set the limit higher, or try open the dispute case faster, it scares people sometimes, and forces them to pay. But now I think ebay has a limit on how soon you can open disputes… too much buyer power.

It is something that has become a standard on ebay. I have become used to it at this point, but it is definitely annoying. Initially you had to wait 4 days to open an unpaid item case, but now you can do it after 2 days. I think giving someone a week to pay is fair.

Ebay should instate a rule where the seller can leave neutral feedback if a buyer does not pay.

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I’ve had a hundred non payers and have simply built that inevitability into my business strategy.
The main thing that ended that problem for me was selling very few items under 50.00.

obviously not all non buyers do it on purpose but the ones who do…

That’s why I do “Buy it now auctions now” ><

How do you mean?

I mean like you know ones who generally set out to buy it then something comes/pops up not always due to there own doing, but I’m not supporting the trolls and people who purposely do it, you can usually tell the difference

I’d recommend pay it at the SAME TIME you bid…and if you can’t, don’t bid till you can! For auction style…If you can’t afford to put the bucks aside then don’t bid until you can. Its a responsibility that you cannot welch on. No excuse is acceptable, period;)


you are right

I’ve always wondered, what if someone just goes ahead and dies? How would you ever find out? Would you think they are just blowing you off?

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I think it is a good practice to give benefit of the doubt to any buyers that seem to “fall off the face of the earth” so to speak. I take issue with the buyers that intentionally waste my time. :stuck_out_tongue:

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this is what I ment to assume EVERY SINGLE ONE that doesn’t reply or whatever is a baddie, would be wrong, although probably, most times accurate, but sometimes genuine reasons do exist and are correct.

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If someone hasn’t paid for an item after a few days with no contact, I will send a message saying ‘Hey, just wondering when I can expect payment for the item. If you need a little bit of time to get the money that’s ok. I’d just like to know’

If there is still no response after a few more days I will send another message basically saying the same thing.
A few more days after that I will open a case. That way if the buyer is just ignoring you they either have to make a response, or do nothing and you end up in the clear.

I’d so much rather a ‘Hey I dont actually want this anymore’ right away, than having to wait 2-3 weeks to get it sorted.

Majority of the time the person did not die. You can usually get a good estimate by checking the buyers feedback and looking at their recent purchase activity.

What milhouse suggested is a good standard. I would personally give them 2-4 days before opening a case if there is no communication.

The most frustrating examples are people who say they will pay on a set date and don’t. Those are the worst. Especially when you can see them buying items in the meantime while ignoring their purchase with you. That is a textbook example of what ebay is trying to avoid.


Dies? Out of my over a hundred deadbeats I wonder how many died lol.

Actually they all received subsequent feedback so just irresponsible losers suffering from buyers remorse.

It takes a lot of work for sellers to deal with NPB. It causes a lot of wasted time and money. I’ve made mistakes on my own bids before, like the time I over bid on what I thought was a 1st Ed charizard but it was a shadowless…of course I just paid cause that bid is a legally binding contract. My bad…so I paid.

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Well, I doubt that happens often lol Its just a passing thought sometimes when I’m walking to class and I think “If I got hit by a car, I would never be able to send out my half of the trade… I wonder if they would ever learn that it was because I died”… Lol


LOL want to be my customer?