Extremely Impatient Buyers

I’m sure this has been complained about before and that we all deal with it, but can we just take a moment and groan in unity over people like this:

Auction Ended: 3 business days ago
Item shipped: 2 business days ago

“my card still hasnt arrived yet where is my card??”


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At the moment I’m experiencing a buyer who has solid great feedback (purple star) he bought a buy it now auction off me like 4-5days ago still hasn’t paid, I’ve sent the invoice and tomorrow will start the unpaid case if no movement but I’m hoping it’s a simple oversight on his part and he’ll pay tomorrow

I tend to be pretty patient with buyers paying. So long as it’s within the allotted week. I assume some people might be waiting to receive and cash paychecks come the new week. Even if most have direct deposit.

Yea I see no reason to doubt him
100% feedback recent payments
I guess I’m just used to everyone paying straight away, so far for me that’s how it’s always gone

I’d say the average for my sold stuff is a 2 day delay in payment on auctions. BIN is always immediate.

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Lol… I hate impatience… it goes both ways, from a seller / buyer…

I had a seller open an unpaid item dispute after I think around 2 days of me not paying… like… really man… your that eager for the $5 the item was…

I give people weeks to pay… its probably too long. If I was selling a larger quantity or running a bigger business like many of you guys are here, I would definitely have bring in a 1 week max threshold.

Feedback from said member. It’s a positive but it says “item arrived very late.”

They paid November 3rd at night.
It shipped November 3rd at night.
It arrived November 10th.

Total business days elapsed: 4


Shake my head…


Had one about a week ago,
Card bought on Sunday.
Message on Tuesday,I bought cards of you and they have not arrived and I am quite worried.
Me:I shall post them tomorrow,if you check the postage part it says upto 3 days to post which means tomorrow.
Card arives Friday so does feedback
Thumbs up but very slow delivery:slap lol

I dont mind a buyer paying late but a wee message saying I will pay on Fridy etc goes a long way.

Opened my unpaid case after a week and a bit
instant payment lol

Sold a Phantom Forces Gengar EX on a Friday night, shipped out Monday to a guy in Washington state (I live on the east coast), Thursday I get an item not received case opened. Buyer’s message exactly: “i, order from you pokemon card phantom forces number 34 gengar, it spost arrive yesterday but it no please tell me something abaut thank you” Smh…annoying thing is he hasn’t responded to my three messages asking him if he got the card…

I think that thing concerns beginners collectors mostly. When I started collecting I always picked the priority shipping and wanted to get the cards as soon as possible. I was really impatient then. Now it’s not so important to me. Now the most important thing for me is to find a great deal - you can see that these impatient buyers often overpay for the newest cards.

for me sometimes I find a card I want and look at the postage/shipping cost and go
how is it that much

then I realise some places it is more (for instance here from the Uk sending tracked is a bit pricey or can be )
not to mention the custom fees we get hit with if anything ‘big’ comes in and I use that term big very loosely
it’s not that the custom fees are much it’s the Royal Mail’s stupid Handling fee they put on it
sorry got a bit off topic slightly

It’s really annoying that eBay automatically opens a case whenever a buyer tries to contact a seller about nearly everything now - even I’ve opened up some cases accidentally because of the new system where basically only one contact option doesn’t auto-open a case.


Oh man, that is the worst. I can’t stand when I email a buyer 2 or 3 times only for them to completely ignore me and/or open an unnecessary eBay claim.

Is there something about the USPS that makes it so that things arrive within a few days?

Can you word that question differently? I don’t believe I understand what you’re asking.

Like you are all talking about these people that are getting upset because their items dont arrive within a few days… Is there like a standard for within USA that USPS guarantees x days to ship?