Non-paying EBay buyers

Does anyone have any experience with stating in your listing that payment must be received in 48 hours (or any length of time) or transaction will be cancelled?

I’m at the point where I’m planning to add this, but wanted to see if others have done this.

I’ve spoken with EBay reps extensively and have learned some interesting tactics. One being, eBay will adhere to your seller return policy if you explicitly outline your policy in your description (not the preselected return options but actually typing out your policy).

I’d like to start stating 48 hour payment or ill cancel the order, but I want to make sure this protects me against negative feedback.

I’m just so tired of listing an item at auction, waiting for it to end, then waiting another week for unpaid case to close :expressionless:

You’re at risk of getting negative, but you can easily get it removed by eBay.

Anymore, if I get the feeling that someone wont pay I’ll just relist the item. If someone else buys it I’ll cancel the original order. If the original buyer pays I’ll take down the new listing. Very rarely will you run into a situation where both will pay for the item at the same time, if you have it in laid out in your listing it’s going to be hard for someone to get mad at you for canceling a listing. The extra benifits to this is you get to actually go through with unpaid item cases, like I wish the majority of the community would do, and you get the benifit of a late payment coming through with the threat of a non paid item case.


This is crucial.

People commonly set up buyer requirements not allowing buyers who have X amount of unpaid item strikes over Y time. Well when sellers allow them to cancel winning bids unscathed then they can just keep carrying on with their actions. I always allow the unpaid case to go through and ding them for it regardless of their sob story. As cullers said I also will relist the item sooner rather than waiting for the case as a BIN OBO if I get a feeling the buyer won’t pay. You’ll rarely want to immediately relist as an auction anyways as people will think you shilled and your final price is likely to suffer the second time around.

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I agree, I always wait it out for the unpaid item case to go through. I recently had a buyer agree to a best offer and then message me saying he/she doesn’t want to pay that much anymore. It’s ridiculous. So I think it’s worth going through the unpaid item case to hopefully prevent this from happening to someone else.


Thank you so much for the input!

Super helpful!