E4 Secret Santa 2022 [PICTURE THREAD]

And show up they did!

Love these! One of my favorite Pikachu promos ever and an incredibly well sketched Venusaur.

Bonus shot of the Pikachu on my display, love it! Thanks again @petiparty and hope you and everyone had a great holiday season.


Glad that you enjoyed it! I hope you like the Venusaur :joy: :joy: :joy:


I love it! It’s going in my autos binder, certainly the most unique sketch :laughing:


When I first read this I was scared that it was actually going to be drawn by your Secret Santa. I’m so glad it turned out to be evident it was a child’s drawing and you didn’t absolutely destroy your Secret Santa’s feelings :joy::skull_and_crossbones:


My PC is up and running again thanks to a new graphical card with built-in cooler. Fortunately I don’t game too much and can do with a very outdated one of 400 bucks, since new ones are selling for multiple thousands of USD. :wink:

Thanks a lot for the gifts, @burnedos! I did already have the Seviper items, but that’s to be expected with how much I already have. :wink: The Haunter figure stationed itself on my desk, though. :slight_smile:
Opening the booster pack and box was a lot of fun as well. The booster pack didn’t contained anything noteworthy, but the booster box more than made up for it with the hits (or even double hits) in every pack. :smiley: I have already opened this box once before, but a lot of the hits were different than last time. And I’m also happy to have pulled the two Pikachu, which I didn’t had yet.

The Spekulatius (I know it as Speculaas in Dutch) also tasted great! Your German ones are slightly thinner than the Dutch ones, but they sure taste a lot better. I think I and my family already ate all of them by now. :sweat_smile: The coconut chocolate sweets are also almost gone. Mostly by my family, since I personally don’t eat chocolate very often.

Oh, and I did flip a coin and it landed on tails, which means I’ll find the Flug-Pikachu you’ve drawn one day. :wink:
Thanks again! And it was indeed great meeting you in London at Worlds back in August.

Merry belated Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!



I’m so glad you enjoyed everything! And super cool you were able to pull a Lugia :sunglasses: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family!


During holidays I didn’t receive any unexpected gifts but yesterday a package from UK arrived to my local post office, perfectly before my birthday! Clearly not all Friday the 13th aren’t made of just unlucky occurrences. :slightly_smiling_face:

After opening I was first greeted with this Lugia figure, Pokemon toys/plushes aren’t my specialty so it’s always new experience to see something like this.

There were also tcg stuff inside, nearly complete collection of 1st ed. Gym Challenge non holos. Looks like I’ll spend rest of the day sleeving & placing them in zipfolio binder.

Saving best for the last, Christmas themed drawing including some of my favourite Pokemons. Once again Umbreon has to do all heavy lifting for the team. :joy:

Big thanks to @joseph88 , I hope you enjoyed this event as well!


I would like to send a special thank you to @lyleberr for the awesome and thoughtful gifts. Thanks for being such an awesome Secret Santa! Delicious chocolate and packs to open! Including stuff from Sun and Moon and XY! I had to be quick taking pictures but there is also a Special Delivery Charizard and Halloween packs. Plus Zubat galore. Just a whole bunch of stuff!

I love the drawing too! Its a dream come true. I will keep this drawn picture forever. I need to get a plastic slip to store it in. It is a sleigh carried by Golbat and some Zubats. Also, the sleigh is a Crobatttttttttttt omggggggggggg

And last but not least is my favorite Zubat art in PSA 9. I don’t own a mint copy of this card and having it in a case makes me appreciate the art so much more. I just stared at the thing when I opened it. And we can’t forget the Golbat too! Vending Series is my favorite set and I love these cards!!! Thanks for the awesome gifts!!! Exclamation points!!!

Also, he taught me that the Italian fossil Zubat is an error card because they misspelled the Himeno’s name. So cool.

Thanks @lyleberr


Glad you enjoyed the chocolates and drawing. I was glad crobat lended itself so nicely to a classic sled design. Wish i could have filled the color or background but I didnt want to take away from the pokemon with a bad job. Glad I was able to get you graded cards you didnt have, i was getting worried seeing some of your recent posts. I hope you pulled something good from the packs, i sent a lot of halloween packs in the hope you could pull your own zubats. Merry christmas!


I am so, so sorry that I didn’t reply to the thread earlier while I did keep an eye out and saw the post. @eMcP I am happy everything arrived (sort-off) on time, it was really crunch time on my end to get everything in with enough time to have a possible delivery before Christmas.

@GemMint10 The same apologies to you. The package came in just before New Years and sat on the desk for a few days before I had time to unwrap it. Going back to work in first week of January swamped me. Only last Friday (yesterday) I had a brief moment to offload the photos from my camera. And than only just now realizing I did a sub-par job on actually taking the photos.

I have to admit, you shocked me. I didn’t expect to receive PSA slabs and for sure I didn’t expect a sealed box of Pokémon Shiny V. The 25th Anniversary Venusaur was icing on the cake, I just love the awesome Japanese holofoil border and the stamp.


Thank you @piezers for the Secret Santa gift and your kind words on the drawing/card.

I really enjoy the Exeggutor and appreciate the effort to find a unique card for one of my favourites.


My package showed up on friday! Thanks so much Wooltchi! Apparently I’m an idiot and didn’t save a picture of the packs and singles on my phone, so I’ll have to post a pic of the singles later. Opened the packs with the kiddo, and she had lots of fun. The Mew drawing is amazing :heart_eyes:


I figured you had just been waiting til Christmas to open it glad you enjoyed also I took a long time to make this reply. Always like getting the whole family in on the drawings so you have mine at top then my wife’s and then son above daughters in the lower photos haha.