E4 Meet Up - Yokohama, Japan August 2023?

So who is going to Yokohama Japan for World’s next year? If so, maybe we can start a discussion and possibly talk about some side trips together to sightsee, go for some delicious food and even go through some card shops in Osaka and Tokyo?


It might be a bit premature to start planning (other than starting to learn your にほんご). But I do plan on being there!


I like the enthusiasm, but a lot can happen in a year! If I’m able to attend there will be organized meet ups, and possibly rented space just for E4. But it’s still so far out to organize anything yet.


I just need Japan to open up in general. Been itching for a trip to Japan.

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shouldn’t you wait until worlds tickets are out before planning? I don’t know the ticketing process but is it easy to get spectator passes? What if you don’t get any tickets it would ruin all your planning (besides getting all your travel docs ready eg. passport, etc etc)

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Yes a year is far away, but for those do plan to go, it is wise to keep your eyes open to when Japan reopens, start keeping an eye on discounted flights and hotels. Some high end restaurants require a year booking… if you are into omakase.

And never hurt to start sharing “must try” food/restaurants in here and just to stir up discussions about Japan in general.

It will be cool to get spectator pass and be able to buy some exclusive merch. Even without it, just to meet like minded people there will be an experience!


Im starting to save for a trip to japan next year worlds or otherwise. Aint going to plan anything properly until the funds are solid though.


My plans won’t be set in stone until we are closer to the time of the event but I am very excited to go! Just the thought of how many artists could potentially be there due to the location is…extremely exciting.

Did they announce the actual venue? I assume it will be Pacifico where these kinds of things are usually held. That part of Yokohama is a very traveller friendly area in terms of eating and shopping. If anyone is planning to stay in or around Yokohama and wants some advice then feel free to ask. Although honestly right now Yokohama nightlife has taken an absolute beating due to covid, but hopefully it can recover by next year somewhat.


Even in the unlikely situation you don’t get spectator passes, its still 100% worth going. You can just borrow a pass to do pokemon center shopping

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What?!?! Now world’s comes to Japan when I finally decide to LEAVE Japan?! :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless:

Well, maybe I can save enough money… if so, I’d love to meet up with everyone.

Going on holiday or actually moving out of the country?

Then again, no one really leaves Japan for good from my experience lol

For now, it’s for good. Kinda just tired of dealing with visa things and want a break from this country. I love a lot of things about Japan, but the work-life is horrendous for many companies and I don’t wanna deal with it. So just kinda go home for now, regroup and decide what to do from there.

If I can, I’d like to still come back and do my own thing, but I need money to get that setup.

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ah yes Japan is definitely not an easy place to work in, long working hours etc. Do you see an increase in tourists in recent times? Hopefully the only guided tour rule can be lifted.

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If there is one thing you should know about Japan is that they have a bunch of supposed “rules” but basically no one enforces them. The guided tour thing is something easily abused. The rules which people do follow though? Strictly the unwritten ones lol

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I will be here at 7:26pm on the 18th of August 2023 if anyone wants to see me.

There will be a 10 minute window where I can sign cards.

This will be my only public signing in my lifetime, so if I get famous in the 2030’s this is where you make your money.


What types of payment will you be accepting?

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Speculating on Spec. Delivery Zard < Speculating on @admiral autographs

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In London the spectator badge was only needed to get inside the playing area and stage. There was actually more going on outside

I’ll definitely be going to Yokohama Japan for Worlds. First time in worlds history they are doing it in japan so thats a great thing. As of now from what I know you can enter japan by yourself but you need to book through a travel agency.

The spectators I am curious how many they plan to do as A LOT of japanese people will want to go there. Even if you dont enter the veune I’m sure there’s going to be alot of things to do around the area and there’s the Yokohama Pokemon Center, the Gundam base and a lot of other things. The one thing I will say is the heat will be the worse thing going for Japan. but other than that since I went there already I need to go see more of the Pokemon Centers and the card shops