e-Reader Construction: Melody Box - Japanese Suicune Music track

Hi, everyone!!! I’ve a question related to Suicune Promo e-Card.
It’s known that it’s part of Wizards Black Star Promos :us: (WoTC53 :us:) in Occident and it’s part of P Promotional cards :jp: (P Promo 26 :jp:) in Japan.

In both regions, in its Large Dot Codes, they have data for Construction: Melody Box application. While in WoTC53 :us: version, the Music data is “Born to Be a Winner” (which is the 4th intro of the Main Anime), P Promo 26 :jp: has another totally different. It’s a track I can’t identify. I’ve been searching and I haven’t found something similar.

I’d like to know what music exactly is the Japanese P Promo 26 version

This is Melody Box data for WoTC :us: version

This is Melody Box data for P Promo :jp: version



Here you go:

Track 3 (intro) of Pokemon 4Ever (Suicune movie after all)


Thanks, @omic !!! I had no idea of which the track was.
I appreciate your help … Thank you very much. Have a nice day!!!