What in the World did I win?

Hey guys, I saw this on Y!J and purchased it since it was ending in 3 minutes, so no real research could be made, just saw Imakuni? with the PKMN Card and jumped on it… anyone know what it is? :sweat:

Auction link:


At first I thought it was the Dance Neo Imakuni? but that case is all red, even when sealed.

Copy the image url and use Google’s new Image search feature and it will pull up results.

EDIT: Looks like it’s just a Pokemon soundtrack. You can find a list of songs here

Thanks mate! :blush: I had forgotten Google had an image search. A bit disappointed no cards are inside though.

That’s the “Torikaekko Puriizu” CD single. I ran a toy store in Tokyo during the 1990s, and I think I still have about 500 copies of that CD in my warehouse. Wish I could auction them off for 1,000 yen each! :blush:

Thank you for that info! :blush:

I’m sure lots of people would be interested since Imakuni? is quite popular with card collectors, eBay would be the best choice to sell them in.

I’m curious, does this CD contain a promo card of sorts?