Drunken eBay Blunders

Drunk eBay card purchases, I know you have them and I want to hear about it.

Give me your worst.


Not eBay, but I know some of you have drunken TCG related stories that are pretty funny.

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Am I the only one who hasn’t purchased anything Pokemon related? lol

Why do I feel like this is a common thing…

Lmao. XD

This was the beginning of this year. 'Twas the start of my reintroduction to the hobby. On this day I got around 300 booster packs of different sets. I thought it would be a good idea to open them drunk and it was! I had a blast opening them, I instantly fell in love again. Hopefully next year I get to do the same thing, I will never forget this night me and my cousin were all sorts of drunk! Yelling with excitement when I pulled an Ultra Rare, laughing and applauding like total idiots! Truly was a night to remember, parts of.


I see your drunken blunder is putting rubber bands around your stacks of cards.


Are they on this site?

Did you get Bieber’s autograph? lol

It was totally smpratte.


I plead guilty.

I stopped drinking well before Pokemon…fortunately😵

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I thought we were going to keep what happened in DC, in DC. :relieved:


How big yo’ dic, bruh.

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Lacky bands on cards.


PSA 10

RIP this thread. :dizzy_face:


Does sleep stupor count? I purchased about $600 worth of Coro Coro promos, black star promos and other cards from eBay and Yahoo Japan… they were all cards I already owned.


@milhouse tell him about the scott law!!

The last time I drank any alcohol I opened all of my sealed loose booster packs, I had some nice ones as well…and I didn’t even pull anything good.


I just have to say that after having such as stressful semester, this thread has made me laugh like I haven’t in months lol and I can totally relate to this. The last drunk purchase was a “3 more boxes of CP6s” trying to get that M Charizard Full Art. This, after having already opened 6 boxes of CP6. I know… I know… Just like the Hunger Games, the odds were never in my favor but this was about pride. I needed to know that I got that M Charizard Full Art on my own out of my box. Short story… I didn’t lol. I ended up buying it on eBay.


i respect the hustle doe

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