Don't drink and leave your sealed products out in the open.

As a person who drinks maybe 2-3 times a year, I have a tendency to go overboard when I actually do drink.
Here are the casualties from last nights escapades.

(I am shaming myself because I feel like an idiot)


Did you get any good pulls from packs?

Not really. The Neo Revelation pack had a holo Suicune in it, which is about the best I got.


rekt yourself lol

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Ha, reminds me of how a guy conned me out of ~$50 the first and only time I ever drank.

That was an expensive Corona.

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I’m sure it sounded like a good idea at the time… lol but if that’s the worst mistake you made then you’re not doing too bad!

Hahahahah OH NO! I can totally relate with this. There was a time a few years ago when I was casually drinking with a couple friends and decided to let them each open a 1st edition base set pack (you’re reading this correctly!). Of course, all were non-holo trainer rares.

I was thoroughly disappointed in myself :slightly_frowning_face: :stuck_out_tongue: much like you appear to be right now.


Your mindset about pokemon is so different when you drink. xD

UPCCC will have to invent the “breathalyzer safe” for those special sealed items in your collection…only necessary for a select few of us of course.

That’s actually probably useful for guns too.

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lol Milhouse… such a Milhouse thing to do…

Are you a Sydney sider ? which area did you get drunk in ?

King’s Cross? :blush:

Perth, Crown casino. Good news is I won 110 dollars playing Blackjack.

Haha, good old crown. No matter how much you win at casinos your still at a loss.


You could look at it as though you are mentally charged now, you have witnessed some of the most epic, and rarest pack openings ever!, placing you in a stronger mindset of euphoria.

which makes everyone else here super jelly anyways. So its good.

You’ll make it up with your luck somehow, I’m sure. Sorry to hear about the random pack openings though. What was going through your head at the time in your inebriated state?

You’re not the only one who opened Base 1st Boosters after drinking some beers.
I opened 6 of them a few weeks ago after drinking a few beers.
Drinking with sealed packs in the house is a risky thing to do :wink:

Fortunately I had some better pulls (but that was only with the last two packs after 3 Trainers and a Hitmonchan).
The 5th pack contained a Blastoise and the last pack the holy grail :blush: A mint Charizard.

This time a was lucky but next time when I drink some beers I have to control myself.
I don’t want to wake up in a pile of opened Boosters and Boxes. I’ll have a headache that will last for months.


I think if I was intoxicated and pulled a mint 1st ed Charizard, I would get a lot of noise complaints from the neighbors lol


Lol, hopefully it was well centered. There was some guy on youtube who did it, pulled a 1st ed charizard, was over the moon, loud as hell, and omg, he was so happy, and sent it to get graded, and it came back as a 9!! because of centering… lol. terrible.

That is what happens when you go out for a rip. :blush:

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