People who open old WOTC sealed items and expect greatness..

I’ve noticed a recent trend going around on youtube and facebook (ugh) where people open old-school WOTC booster packs/boxes and expect the most fantastic pulls. They don’t pull them and bitch about it for a long time. I was watching this guy open a NEO Destiny box today and he pulled a Shiny Noctowl and was completely livid, I thought he was going to destroy the card honestly. To me, I was just excited to see any shining to get pulled honestly, and it wasn’t even my video! (even though now I realize you can get 2-3 per box). But it really surprises me how many people actually expect that Charizard, or what have you.

I mean is pulling these desired cards yourself that big of a deal to justify buying a very expensive sealed box!? If you really want the Shining Charizard, just buy a PSA copy, right?? I mean I bought 24 Japanese Base Set Packs to open so I could have at least one fresh set I pulled myself. I didn’t get the Charizard, but I’m not going to buy another 20 packs just so I can pull it myself… I’m just going to buy the damn Charizard! Was I upset not pulling the Charizard? Hell no, that’s the beauty in it, which makes it so sought-after.

But anyways, I just had to vent about people doing that. That Neo Destiny box probably should have stayed sealed if the guy only wanted a Shining Charizard. I just suggest people really think through if they want to open sealed products… But hey it’s their collection, they can do what they want I suppose (;


I was just kind of thinking of this topic the other day because I stumbled across PrimetimePokemon’s Base Set (unlimited) booster box opening from a month or two ago. It cost him $600+ dollars and I just thought… how much are PSA-graded cards worth that you’d even be able to break even for spending THAT much on a booster box? He ended up with the three Starter holos so apparently it was worthwhile for him, but still.

When I recorded my openings in 2011-2013, I got almost nothing from my first Dragons Exalted box and I actually got really irritated when I opened a second box of it on camera and never uploaded the footage. lol So I suppose I can understand getting annoyed with the pull rates but I probably wouldn’t put that kind of recording out there. I do kind of want to know who that opener was out of morbid curiosity for his Shining Noctowl reaction though…

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Yeah, I mean I would be a hypocrite to say I haven’t been disappointed at some point opening a booster pack. When FlashFire came out I saw people pulling mega’s left and right, but I had no luck. I quickly realized I was only buying packs and not a box, so I digressed.

Here is the video, skip to about 3:20 for the pull. His reaction isn’t like a “rage” or anything, he was able to hold back and bite his tongue a little, but you could sense the frustration thats for sure lol

For the record this guy opens up some great stuff and is a youtuber i like a lot too


HAHAHAHAHA his reaction hahahahahaha

I’m still laughing:

…shining steelix?
… exp. all… *sigh*


Yeah my Dragons Exalted boxes were like:
-1: Rayquaza-EX half art and Shiny Reuniclus
-2: Registeel-EX half art and Giratina-EX half art

So needless to say I was a little pissy at the end of the second box opening. A few months later I turned on the end of the second opening to see if I wanted to throw it up on Youtube and I was like “This guy is awful… wait… this is guy is me. D:” and moved the files to the Recycle Bin. LOL

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LOL well kudos for not throwing it up on youtube just have a video uploaded. Quality over quantity (:

Hahahahaaha my favorite part “this box BLOWS”


great now u got me laughing again… hahahah

I felt so bad for the neglected shiny Noctowl I gave him a $30 offer on it hahahahahaa

Reminds me of a friend who purchased 3 Legends Booster packs (Magic the gathering), he was expecting amazing pulls and he did get a good one, a Chains of Mephistopheles ($300+ card) but then he got an Acid Rain ($20 card) and another one I can’t remember and he was furious. I just shook my head.

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I kind of feel bad too. Who knows how much he overpaid for that box lol But seriously that Noctowl is effing sick and everyone knows it!

As for the actual topic here…
People should really be opening these boxes for the thrill and the nostalgia. Boxes are slowly going extinct just because people are trying to PSA grade their pulls and make Youtube content. I’ve opened a few old 1st ed boxes but only because I was willing to take the miserable pulls WOTC gave me. They’ve remained in a binder in my collection (ungraded) just for my viewing pleasure.
Seriously, spending $400+ on a Neo Destiny box when the most valuable card you could pull is only $50 is kind of ridiculous.

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Yeah exactly, if you’re actually going to open a box at least enjoy it (:

Personally the only reason I’d open an old WOTC sealed box is because I’ve never done it. Only bought the packs and blisters growing up. At this point I’m not even sure if I even would, I’d rather just have a sealed box put in a glass display case. I just have to smh whenever I see someone calculating how much they could make back from the cards after opening a sealed box(if that’s there only reason).

what a waste of money!I would only open a base to team rocket japanese booster box.Much cheaper and more holos.Would never pay that for a booster box just in the hope of getting a shining charizard!Funny video lol.

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That was hilarious

Unless you can appreciate every card in the set I don’t see the point in opening old, expensive boxes. Like that guy in the video above, he’s just tearing through packs of a beautiful set in hope of a Charizard. I was almost glad he didn’t get it.

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