Dragon Warrior (Quest) Monsters

Just curious - did any of you guys play this on the Gameboy?

I poured just as many, if not more hours into this game than my Pokémon red. Absolutely amazing game. I remember thinking it was like Pokémon but better - but couldn’t convince my friends to get into it.

The sequels and 3DS versions are pretty good, but the nostalgia of the original is too good. Currently replaying this.

yes i have played dragon warriors. i love the game

You played the monsters spin-off too? It’s so good. The breeding and combining of different monsters is what sets it apart from Pokémon. Shame it didn’t take off in the same way as Pokemon did.

I didn’t play the spin-off. Isn’t it more similar to final fantasy?

No, it’s similar to Pokemon. You raise and breed monsters, fight in tournaments etc. definitely pick up a copy if you can.

Played a bit of this game. Walking around with a bunch of coffins trying to get back to the start area was a bit rough.

Put so many hours into that game. I always wanted someone else i knew to get it so could breed with them to only lose 1 monster instead of the 2 everytime, hated losing 2 and then getting 1 i already had.
I remember the tree growing and having to find what new path had opened up

So so loved this game - and same here i probably put more hours into this than Red!

Glad to hear some other members played this. I poured hours into these games, and filled a notebook with breeding combinations. I remember spending weeks, possibly months on breeding the boss line, especially DarkDrium. That one sucked cos you had to give up Watabou.

I loved that game. I remember the hours played counter actually capped at 99:59. I’m sure I went countless hours beyond that training on Metabbles to breed all the boss family monsters (and get the best stats possible by getting higher + ratings).