Pokemon Trading Card Game GB

I started playing the Pokemon Trading card game for gameboy in my free time and was wondering if anyone knows any of the staple cards from back in the day.

I know hitmonchan was very useful and have been using him in decks and just wanted to see if anyone knew any others.

Thank Reina! That is basically what I have been doing. I had a blastoise based deck with hitmonchan and gengar with the trainers you stated. I was just trying to find some other combo’s to defeat the grass gym and water. I noticed the fossil magmar is a great staple for decks. He is great for building the bench while keeping the opponent at bay.

But thanks for the help! I was going through the old decks on bulbapedia :blush:

Hahaha I find it funny that I could never beat that game and win the legendary cards. It always bummed me out. Never would have though in a million years I would have the real set!

Are they the TMB phone cards! Either way that is funny :blush:

Yup! They are! I’m still pissed I can’t get them in the game :confused:

This is shocking news Mike… are you telling us you aren’t fit to own the phone cards?

I think the right thing to do is give the cards to me ‘for safe keeping’. :grin:

On topic, I never really got into the game. Surely the load times must be major, if that puny GB processor is trying to calculate what is the best card to play?

Oh you can get the rom on your pc and use the space bar as the “speed” button and just fly through matches. I can win some in under a minute, if I get a starting great hand.

I have the original on my GBC but my brother and I beat the crap out of that one.

Hahaha I think I’m plenty fit for the cards :blush: The only problem is you couldn’t walk up to the people in the game and just buy them. :stuck_out_tongue: …you had do something called “earning them” which I usually find harder.

Oh. To be fair, I’m not a huge fan of the buying thing either because that involves having money :stuck_out_tongue:

A new version of the game would be ideal on the 3DS. Oooooh, with the pokemon in 3D when you have a fight, and they can come out of the card (and screen).

Wow I would make an awesome game designer :stuck_out_tongue:

hahaha that is true, I don’t even know how to get them in the game.

If they made one for the 3ds that would be perfect. I love that game and it got me into playing the actual card game. I have not played in ages because the new format seems so damn fast/intimidating.

I am going to download that gb2 version for my rom. I will probably struggle with the japanese text.

I demand nintendo give me royalty money when a 3DS version takes over the world :grin:

Have you played the 3ds? I was shocked with the graphics and the 3d effect! I thought it was going to be garbage without glasses but it is really nice. I heard the zelda ocarina of time 3d got excellent reviews as well!

You’ve never played ocarina of time? OMG I am jealous. One of the best games of all time.

I’ve never played a 3DS. I’ll have to get one when the new Mario game comes out though

hahaha I actually think since hgss and the newer sets that the game has come full circle, well kind of. I just noticed that the same pokemon in base are being re-released but with increased hp but have the same attacks from the wotc era. And the double colorless addition as well.

I have definitely played the original ocarina of time, the re-release on gamecube, the master quest (which was weak) and have been waiting for this one on the 3ds since the console was released.

I think ocarina is the best game ever made. I remember doing a research paper on this in my first years of college for a general english class and just about every gaming site confirmed that idea. Actually I still have the link where they averaged the reviews from multiple game sites:


I think Ocarina of Time still is overall ranked first if you aggregate reviews.

Super Mario Galaxy briefly topped the list but then there were a few idiotic reviews which brought it down, grrrrrr

@dj: can literally anyone play the Grinder? If I come to worlds I’d play, never having played Pokemon before!

DJ, are you going to Worlds then? Are you going to buy me lots of Pal City cards? And sets? And cheap promos?

Urgh, there’s always a catch! :grin:

Do you have Internet access over there? We can sort out payment over paypal that way; the most you’d be out of cash would be a few hours, if I leave a deposit with you.

Let’s sort out the details later.

Reina, are you going to rank or are you going into the Grinders too?