Looking for Pokémon PalCity Cards!

Hello, I’m new here, but I have been searching for Pal City cards since mid-2008. I have managed to acquire the Pikachu/Pichu and Magikarp/Hitmonchan varieties, but I have had no luck with the other 5. Does anyone know where these are for sale, or have any extra ones that they would be willing to part with? If not, is there a ballpark of how much the ones I didn’t mention I have go for? Let me know please. Thanks.

Hey welcome to the site!

The pal city cards unfortunately are difficult to obtain. I am not certain how many copies are out there, but the hitmonchan version is the most popular on ebay, with the pikachu in a strong second.

There are a couple people on here who do have the set, or most of the set. They are still with japanese collectors/players/sellers since they are given out to only japanese competitors.

Anyway price is not too bad on them, not sure what the rarer ones would go for but typically $20-35 a piece. Definitely worth the price!

You will have to fight me for them :grin: (and DJ if its the last one he needs)

If you can go to Worlds, that might be the best bet (last year whole sets were being sold at Worlds)

I got a full set on Yahoo Japan, I would say that is your best bet. However, I haven’t seen another set or single Pal City card except for the hitmonchan magikarp one. If I find any I’ll try and snag them for you guys.

Hey other Scott :blush: how do you buy from yahoo japan? I thought you had to have a japanese account? I want to get on there but was told i needed a japanese account.

there are also other sites as well rinyka and japamart also.

Hey could you give me a proper link to noppin. I keep getting ad’s.

Also claire can you translate “pokemon card” and “pokemon promo” for me. I do it on google translate which is great for one word, but it never does two correctly.

haha thats exactly what i do scott, i type “pokemon card” into google translate. As for my method of getting cards from Yahoo Japan, I have a friend that lives in Tokyo. She buys me cards and I give her a fee, but cheaper than the middle man sites, which is nice. I also occasionally buy lots of cards and let her keep some of them.

Thanks a lot I appreciate it.

I have another question, what is this deposit thing? I am registered on noppin and just deposited the lowest amount but will I have to pay for the item and make deposits to increase my bid limit? Or is the deposit what will pay for the item?

Ah ok ok I thought I had to pay a deposit along with another full payment, and I just asked because I am about to make a solid purchase and didnt want to pay 2,000 when i should pay 1,000

yea japamart is about the same thing with the deposit as well.how much does the middle man service for noppin cost anyways?

About the same, I was disappointed with the deposit fee’s I will hopefully figure a way around it. The deposit system is just odd, it is completely unnecessary, they should just do it as ebay does and charge their rates on the final purchase.

Yeah but the problem is how do you quantify a fee in that situation. For example I had to put in $400 for a deposit on top of the 80,000 yen ($1,000) on the actual purchase. I mean that is over a third what I paid for the item, and they have literally the same fee’s as ebay on top of all of that.

But I do understand the incentive, it is just that the deposit is unscrupulous. I think it would be better if it were like ebay, even if their percentages were raised since they are a middle man service, but I will pay into the system :blush:

A little bit of this :blush:


I don’t know if the images are showing up but it is the illustrator set of 13 from 2009.

And I might be asking you questions about how to navigate through noppin. I looked through all the FAQ’s and I still do not understand everything, one thing that you can use the funds deposited, which makes me more optimistic :blush:

They might not be in mint condition - from a translation:

But it seems I really need to learn how to use Y!J

Yeah I saw that, I am not really concerned since I got the set for a little more than one of the cards listed on ebay, but I am still not sure how many sets there are.

nice find still.viper is there a specific way to find jumbo cards on yahoo japan or do the sellers dont list them as jumbo?i’ve encountered many of them as others when i search for cards

Hey guys, I read some of the posts and im still confused :thinking:
Would you guys be able to make a thread or post with detailed information how to properly use this site and be able to make purchases.

Also If you can would you provide the Japanese text to search for the popular terms such as Trophy cards,Sample cards, Shadowless cards etc.
That would be great.

I would like to get a SSB Trophy card but Smpratte has one,Japjun on ebay just sold one and that guy you were complaining about earlier has one too.
So are there any SSB cards left?
I should have a thousand dollars soon and would like to start collecting Trophy cards.

Hey i just went to that guys Youtube page to see if he would sell the SSB to me.How much do you think he will sell it for because he keeps saying make a offer.

Oh also when i seen his page he mentions how he has a Japanese base sheet.

Is that true?
Because other than that he never seems to mention it again and again like he does with his other things or shows it off.

Is this true or is this another BS talk to get attention from people?

Hey DJG do you have a link to collector’s cache i want to see the SSB card.

What are my options with a one thousand dollar limit?
What cards can i look for?