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Cards I got
Pokemon Japanese Slowking Yodaking Coro Card PSA 9 Mint (thanks to smpratte) and


PS sorry for the crappy scans

For some reason I feel like there are way more Magikarp/Hitmonchan Pokemon Pal City promos then there are the other 7. I owned 3 of these at once and saw several on eBay/Yahoo Japan when I owned these, but none of the other ones. Can anyone confirm that there was different print counts for these 8 promos?

It does seem that way does’nt it.

ive never even seen the othere 8

I only own three, but I do see the magikarp hitmonchan one the most as well.

I used to have duplicates of the Teddiursa + Snover and the Stantler + Meowth, so those might be slightly more common. My mistake before, I thought there was 8, but I was wrong. I got lucky and found the whole set on Yahoo Japan.

Sorry, I sold it. I will keep an eye out for one on Yahoo Japan.

how much did u get the set for?

I think I got it for about 8500 Yen, I think thats about $100

that’s a good deal

thats pretty good with yahoo japan and there are some nice stuff around there often rather than ebay sometimes.guess some of those pal city are common and some are just rare.wonder will japanese players trade em for anything good

I’m strictly a Japanese collector, so I buy most of my stuff from Yahoo Japan nowadays. It’s a lot harder to find Japanese cards on eBay. I wish there wasn’t such a big language barrier, otherwise I might be able to find some Japanese trading site. Oh well.

yea it is and on ebay people can overcharge them like crazy.i agree with the language barrier it would be far more easier to get some japanese cards than pay the crazy shipping costs now.

the psa 9 solking is 100 here so thank you smpratte for the good deal

haha no problem, Ed has his a little high but it is a nice card!

I just got an unpeeled slowking! Took me awhile to find one. Just curious, have you ever tried getting unpeeled corocoro cards graded before?

@themagickookie, love the art on the Japanese Slowking Yodaking Coro. how much it ran you. at the time.

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