Dog and Pony Show Auctions

I’m using Gary’s term here for an ebay or other listing showing off an extensive collection of memorabilia for what appears to be an exorbitant price.

(disclaimer: gold star is a friend and i’ve helped him find many cards in both of his huge listings)

Gary’s 9 1st edition booster box.
Ebirdmans japanese gold star set
PSA 10 Pikachu Illustrator

One of the reasons why I am bringing this topic up is because some people think that its crazy to list something for that high.
Regardless of the item, rarity or amount of items. Most of us are familiar with listing items for higher than what we expect to get for them. It allows us as sellers to have wiggle room to negotiate will still making more than if we’d simply listed the lowest possible amount we would sell it for. That’s not the main thing i wanted to address which goes beyond pokemon collecting. Joe Orlando is the president of PSA, the company preferred by pokemon collectors, and he had something I thought was very smart when considering selling your collection.

He said something along the lines of “Can you afford not to sell it?” There are times when an offer on something you have will be more than you’ll probably ever get. Down the road do you think you can not afford to sell that item. Given that some of these dog and pony show listings are collections the high prices might reflect the sellers hesistance to let it go. I know that once i complete a few of my large goals I will be listing it on ebay. I dont I’ll get any interest now but you never know if an offer comes by that matches joe’s words.


understandable. I have no intention of selling my collection but if someone wanted it badly enough i’d sell it all in heartbeat. It would have to be a ridiculous offer though.

Well put and insightful.
Getting an outrageous offer for the Horse and Pony Show listing can and actually did happen to me with the 9 box lot. It sold and nearly got me even with life:)


I like that one.

It always tries to get the better of us.

Seeing your post @hisoka107 makes me want to start doing show pony listings again… It is absolutely amazing for traffic to your webstore/ebay, and the amount of views you start getting really increases overall.

But I started getting some really tempting offers, and I didn’t want to part with the high end pieces I had… I guess you have to be willing to part with what you post or list up.

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Can we change the title of the thread to Dog and Pony Show? :blush: