What's the deal with this PSA 10 Gold Star Zard?

The seller has auctioned and sold this same card four times and counting:





The first two auctions ended at $4700+, but it looks like he recently accepted an offer for $3500. Is he pulling some terribly planned scam? Were both of the auctions shilled? Were the winning bidders themselves owners of PSA 10 Zards looking to illegitimately inflate the price? And when will the exact same Zard surface once again? :blush:

There is a member with that name banned from this site for a number of reasons, one being constant shill bidding.

Nothing they sell is a legitimate metric. Also there are a decent amount of non-paying buyers for psa 10 english gold star cards. Mostly from the family and friends on instagram inflating or maintaining their purchase price.

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Actually just talked to him…he said accepted an offer from a guy in Argentina for $6000 for it but Argentinian’s bank will only allow paying $3500 in one transaction. So is paying $3500 now and then I am guessing via paypal the other $2500. I know I was interested as well in this.

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Well I just bought his PSA 9 base set charizard off him for $190 sooo, now I’m worried ha. I’m protected though through eBayso no big deal if something weird happens.

They should hopefully deliver. Their reasons for removal were mostly shill bidding, harassment, lying/libel about other sellers. Basically another fabulous flipper.

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He must be a Smeargle in disguise because that is super sketch.


He “won” my gold star pikachu PSA 10 twice at auction without ever paying before I ultimately was able to sell it via best offer for real to someone quite recently. He must have a vested interest in inflating/shilling psa 10 gold stars across the board, not only his own auctions. He has more accounts he bids under as well. It sucked too because after I had sold it via auction to him twice over a period of a month or two and then relisted it as BIN OBO people assumed I was the one shilling it up. (they contacted me asking if I did or telling me to stop doing it)

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I am trying to figure out a video to address this issue, as its happening pretty frequently on gold stars. Its difficult talking about it without going off the rails.


This is good to know, thanks. It’s really hard to gauge an accurate price for some of these high end cards when auctions fluctuate so much due to shills.

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I think people would like to see you go off the rails. Real emotion is what’s lacking in “Pokémon card collecting” scene on youtube


Next video we see Scott throwing booster boxes and PSA cards at his shelves like Rudy and rambling about his tacos and if this is off the rails enough for you


Oh now that is interesting, the bidder on this one:

Was same as PWCC bidder that was winning up till the last 30 seconds: