Does Charizard need to go on a diet?

A member of the Pokegym contacted me regarding my first-edition Japanese Base set cards, the ones that don’t have rarity symbols.

He had a question about the weight listed for Charizard underneath the card’s illustration.

Turns out, on the card with no rarity symbol, Charizard weighs a svelte 70.5 kilograms. On the card with the rarity symbol, his weight has ballooned to 90.5 kilograms. That, of course, is also his official weight (converted to pounds) in the National Pokedex.

I’d never noticed this before, though I’m sure some of you had.

Very interesting!

I just checked my symbol-free Venasaur, and you are indeed correct — it has 068 on it. That’s clearly an error, as my symbol-free Machamp also 068. Two cards with the same number.

Rarity symbols are the souls of Pokemon.
Without them, their bodies know not who they are.


Thanks for sharing! I was aware of the Charizard error but not of the Venusaur.

I have a near complete set with no rarity symbols but unfortunately I don’t have the regular set so I can’t compare side-by-side for differences.

So it seems that Japan got all their errors out before the main release of the cards, unlike WoTC, who shot out errors left and right throughout their whole contract :stuck_out_tongue: