Does anyone have a picture of this card ? - Error Kingdra

I have been looking for this everywhere but couldn’t manage to find an actual picture. Is there someone who owns the card and could take a picture?


Edit: It’s the Primal Clash 107, according to Bulbapedia.

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Do you know if it is the 107 or the 108 version? Reverse or not? or just this piece of text on bulbapedia?

My bad. It’s the Primal Clash 107, according to Bulbapedia.

Here is a picture:

Almost looks like some liquid dropped on top of it, but apparently there are multiple people who own this same ink misprint. I found this picture above through google in this reddit post, where a second person states (s)he has it. Iirc I’ve also seen it before in the Gotta Misprint 'Em All Facebook group as well in the past.

Hope that helps. I’ll remember to include it when I make that Kingdra list for you soon. :wink:



I never imagined it to look like this. Thanks mate, you’re a legend.

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It is an interesting error.
I opened a box back when it came out and pulled a copy.
You can see the blue splatter patterns are slightly different.


That is awesome, thanks!

I really wonder why the splashes share a common shape and what it actually should resemble in the printer (in case it is not just a random malfunction, which it probably is). It literally looks like Kingdra though, impressive.