Displaying graded cards

Hi I am brand new to the forum and I just got back into collecting when I pulled a Gold Star Rayquaza in April. However now I am trying to find a cool way to display my favorite card. This is what I am doing now: imgur.com/a/i1Tgm

I got some easels and I put them on for display but don’t really like em. Any help would be awesome!



Omg i need that bgs Ray…

*bows down*

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I was so excited when I got it! It literally made my day. I kept the pack and everything after I pulled it.




Disappointed in you. What kind of ray collector doesn’t even have a bgs 9.5 star. Casual.

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Heck :slightly_frowning_face:

Wow that’s so cool, whats the story behind pulling the ray, where’d you get the pack(s)?

Well I was just looking around on amazon and I saw the Ex Deoxys packs and I bought one. However I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to pull the Rayquaza so I bought a bunch of evolutions to hopefully counteract my disappointment. When I opened all of the packs I didn’t get anything except for the SR Pikachu which wasn’t very encouraging but then I opened the Ex pack and I almost died. I was so excited I even posted a review of the packs with a picture of my Rayquaza. =)


Awesome… I’ve got a few unweighed EX Deoxy’s and this is really tempting me to try my luck lol


I really hope you get something good. They are really expensive.

Another idea for displaying. This is sold at Hobby Lobby.

You could either get a foam core filler with cut outs or install shelves.

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Oh that is a cool idea. Thanks!