Dilemma: Trophy card or a graded N64 game

hi guys so im in a bit of a dillema here and wanted to hear your opinions.
im thinking back and forth between a trophy/prize card and a seald graded very rare european version of pokemon snap.
now im not collecting strictly cards as you may know but also graded games mangas and such. yes i know no one can decide for me in the end but just wanted to see your opinions. what would you purchase is you could only afford one of the two knowing you wont be able to get the other one for a while (if it would still be there even when you do )


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Mysterious Pearl personally. As I love the history and art of the card so much. I’m a little biased as that is probably my next big chase after I get a Master Scroll 9 though lol.


I would get whichever is more scarce of the two now and get the other later. :grin:


on one hand i do want a trophy card. but i dont like most things after gen 2 and its not like a kanga no. 1/2/3 trainer or even victory ring or orb which i would only be able to buy after i get my WILL lol. the game though is very rare and this release is the european one which never pops up let alone in a sealed graded condition.

Snap game personally


thanks guys i think i will go with the game as its something OG and im not a fan of the newer cards or pokemon in general after gen 2. so just buying to say i got a trophy that i dont really like wont make me fully 100% happy about the purchase.


Personally, not a fan of the pearl. Rare snap is very damn cool


I think a lot of people on e4 skew towards jpn trophies and other such niche items so asking here will likely get you the pearl. Its a hard choice to me. I would expect the pearl to be rarer and more scarce, but I also dont know much about games. I know they crashed so prices may be attractive rn. Jpn trophies surely have not crashed or retraced much


yea i understand what your saying but the thing is no game prices didnt crash that much. also im not in it for invetment but because i love pokemon and i dont plan on selling anything unless some really bad thing will happen in my life and i will really need the money and there will be no other way.

also i am a gen 1-2er and realised i dont care much for more modern cards/modern trophy cards. the older one tho victory orb/ring trainer no 1/2/3 kangaskhan etc. those are te trophies i would like when buying a trophy.

and for the prices between the card and the game is about 100$ less for the card. that game is a rare european release fully sealed and with a great grade. ill go with the game :slight_smile:


I would choose the pearl, but when I read your posts I would go for the game. Spending something like 3k on something you dont want and does not fit in your collection just to say you have a trophy seems like a not so good idea.
Collect what you enjoy, it is such a good saying!


it is not that i hate or dont like that trophy card. i just feel like in second thought that i wont be happy 100% if choosing it over the game since i dont like that much of the cards or even the anime after gen 2. now if it was between kanga trophy or tropical winds mega battle and such then yea coz i love the OG cards. basically everything after 2006 i dont feel much a connection to.

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Yeah if you’re thinking of the pearl solely because its a trophy and I want a trophy then definitely go with the snap In this case. It seems like you have more of a passion for the game so makes sense to me. Agree with @thymeee The classic buy what you like!

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The collector in me says the pearl but the Pokémon fan in me says snap


For me personally, I would view that European Snap the same way I’d view a 1st edition Glurak. It might be rarer (or more likely scarcer) but it’s not a variant I’m interested in collecting. The NA box is what I would go with even if it’s 1000x more common. And for me, while I enjoyed Pokémon Snap, there are probably 30+ other games I would be interested in getting graded before that one.

Honestly I’d take the third secret option of keeping the money in this case.


thanks for your opinion. cant keep ma money in my pocket though haha. the american version is more common and prices are in the range of about 1000-1500$ + i love the european boxart better. not that i dont like the american box art but those i could get in the future

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well im a collector of not only the tcg but also pokemon games/manga/books etc. so both would have been an addition to my collection its just that the newer trophies dont do it to me as much.

I don’t collect sealed games but I feel your dilemma.

The game’s mintier.

That’s the best of a hint I can give you.

I’m assuming the grades you want are the ones in the pictures

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Is UKG a company that you can trust? That would influence my decision.


If you have to ask you probably know the answer


It was rhetorical :skull: