Digimon fusion ccg

Anybody seen the new digimon fusion ccg cards available?

Base set set released end of last year and series 2 is coming out this year. Who thinks this ccg has potential?

i like to look of them and am seriously considering to start a collection in these cards. Share your thoughts please!!!

I was only interested in the first generation of Digimon cards. I’m honestly surprised to see they still exist!

I still have a bunch of 1st Editions left though I sold most of my rare ones already.

nah I only like the oldschool ones

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Cool. I believe they have completely relaunched the show and it is now called digimon fusion. Hence the digimon fusion ccg.

Base set has classics in it like agrimony etc. the artworks aren’t bad. Does anybody think this ccg has potential to get popular? I value your opinion.

I’m doubtful this will draw much of a crowd. Just judging by the number of card games out that are new. Vanguard is hanging on. Kaijudo is going downhill. Buddy fight never took off in the US. My Little Pony is only succeeding within its cult following. Not really drawing in new players there. And Marvel Dice Masters just launched with enormous success.

There’s just not room for another TCG right now, seeing as how all of that is happening on top of the Big Three still going on.

Digimon cards never really became big anyway. You can see that reflection in the sales too. What DID get big though for Digimon, was the toys and gadgets.

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It got discontinued after one set!!