New & Original TCGs

So the Pokemon nostalgia is pretty strong and we all love hunting the older original cards. What are some recently released TCGs that are in their “Base Set” today?

It would be great to start collecting the “1st edition Base” of the next big thing without paying the 8k price for a box.

Let’s make this interesting.


I tell you what id love to see today - a full art Ash, Brock and Misty! I could imagine the artwork being crazy. Maybe for the 20th anniversary? I can dream…



Sorry but I visit /vp/, and there is a lot of this.

Honestly, it’s tough to get a successful TCG going these days. The 3 major ones cover a pretty big portion and control the hobby quite well. Even Vanguard is dying quickly.

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I would say any set that contains some of the big hitting ‘base set’ Pokemon is in with a chance of becoming popular/pricey in the years to come.

XY Base Set & Flashfire would be my bet, solely down to Venusaur, Charizard and Blastoise.

But who knows what might be around the corner!? I would really love to see a set that re-visits the Pokemon of 1-251, that would be fantastic!

Seems to me this thread is going in two different directions…

  1. What are NEW TCG sets (other than Pokemon) that may attain the same value/collectability?

  2. What new Pokemon TCG sets will increase in value the most?

I must leave now but I’ll post my opinions later!

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Honestly, I don’t think we’re going to see the rise of a card game until one of the big three dies.

Magic might actually go on for a hundred years. Stashing that sounds like a decent gamble.


I saw this today and was immediately reminded of this discussion. In particular, I remember the insistence (outside E4) that Yokai Watch was on its way to dethroning Pokémon. Couldn’t help but stop and share.


I used to be a big Cardfight Vanguard Collector, unfortunately not a lot of the out of print stuff holds it’s value, one of my favorite cards from the base set went from being a $30 card to $15 card. I guess I did have the “Holy Grail” in the game. If that term is applicable and that was an $80 card that I traded for some Japanese Weiss Schwarz cards.

It’s hard to know what the next big thing is because the variety of games now days gives everyone an option to pick and ignore the rest. Bushiroad have 4 different games with their own following.

Is Yu-Gi-Oh expensive, I mean last time I even bothered looking a NM-M 1st Ed collection of LOB was going for $3000

Just for perspective, but I am sure in 2001-2003 era you could find similar Pokemon packs for bargain bin pricing, no?

Not trying to say Yokai will do the same thing, just adding that bit in.

This is the premier set. Can’t say I ever recall a similar situation.

Even when you got bargain packs with pokemon, you were looking at 25% off. Pokemon overproduced hard-core, but they never stopped selling that I recall.

But I see your point about a lull versus a death and grant it. This, however, is definitely a tank. Haha. I’m sure they made SOME money though. I would love to hear about the profitability of dead end TCGs from a producer’s perspective!

Pokémon was never this low. The lowest point of Pokémon still had a consistent consumer base.

What was the lowest point of pokemon tcg in your opinion?

2003-05. If you look on bulbapedia the promo cards released per year echo the demand.