Difference between Jungle No Symbol and Jungle 1st Edition

Looking to get the monetary difference between Jungle No Symbol PSA 10 and Jungle 1st Edition PSA 10. I understand the physical difference between both cards but wondering how much the price gap is?

Follow up question would be, if I collect the full jungle set would I need to complete both sets(jungle 1st edition + jungle no symbol holo) to be FULLY complete?

After reviewing prices on ebay and this site pokemonprice.com/CardsForSet/b7340f91-0a99-4d03-8440-1adf7173b92f/1999-pokemon-jungle I can see the average price difference but just wondering what everyone’s opinion on the matter is.

No Symbol is a error. It is up to you if you want to include no symbol to complete your jungle master set.

In the PSA Market Report, the Pokemon Jungle no symbol cards are actually classified as their own seperate set.

As of now:

Clefable Jungle 1st Edition Holo PSA 10: $400
Clefable Jungle No Symbol Holo PSA 10: $250

Pidgeot Jungle 1st Edition Holo PSA 10: $750
Pidgeot Jungle No Symbol Holo PSA 10: $275

It’s pretty much like that across the board. The 1st editions are far more valuable than their no symbol counterparts. The no symbols are valued above the unlimited Jungle.


That depends entirely on the card. Some of the no-symbols are pushing above 1st ed due to their difficulty to grade. Neither are really scarce though.

Those aren’t my numbers, I’m went by the price guide on PSA. I sampled 2 random cards at the high and mid range of cards. While I could have posted a screenshot, I didn’t want to violate any PSA copyrights.

According to them, every single Jungle 1st edition is worth more than the no symbol version. The only no symbol holo to be valued at over $400 is Kangaskhan at $500 and that is still $300 cheaper than 1st edition.

Personally, I love the no symbol versions. I pulled one on camera a couple months back and is currently being processed by PSA for grading. Fingers crossed my Pidgeot gets a 10!

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@mrbulldog It is truly up to u. As someone who owns a complete No Symbol PSA 10 set there are two things to consider. 1st Edition is always going to be more sought after and as a result the demand is going to contribute to the price discrepancy between the two. However, the population for the No Symbol in PSA 10 is more limited. So far I think the rarest is Vaporeon with 12 on the population report and Wigglytuff with 11. A lot of the cards are either under 20 or 30. So, if as a collector you wanna try and do a complete set is going to be more difficult to do so in PSA 10 No Symbol. Again up to you and hope this helps. I personally enjoyed the challenge :wink: !

I love this forum, so bad that I’ve only found out about it now! Thank you everyone for you answers! I think I’m going to try and collect both sets!

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Kind of off topic but I just got a no symbol holo pidgeot from jungle off eBay the other day and first thing upon checking it out that threw me off was the glossy kind of card stock compared to any US cards ( that I have at least ) and researching glossy jungle cards lead me here and I read the whole thread but seeing as it was focused on the 99-2000 copyright and jungle didn’t have it so it’s not mentioned much in detail about fossil from Australia. But my main question is if the no symbol on jungle holos is in the Australian print as well as American ?
Ps the seller said when I asked where and when they got it that they got it about 20 plus years ago and brought it over to the us when they moved from Australia