Did I get a good deal? Pikachu Wotc Promo

So I spent $50.00 on this card but it is in Gem Mint making me think it was worth it.
Should I have payed a little less?

The thing is, I’ve seen the same card go for less but im just not sure the value of this card.

If you ever want to get a gauge for what a card is generally valued at by the community then check the ‘Sold’ listings on eBay for the same card.


That’s the best advice in the world right there.

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You might also keep in mind that prices all have a range. As such, even if you’ve paid a little higher on the range of what is generally considered a “good” price, if you’re happy with the card and take joy in it being a part of your collection, it was worth the price that you paid.

If at any point you feel like you paid more than what the card brings you in joy, then you have overpaid. But not before that point.

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There’s also sentimental value.

I’ve paid full price or more for cards I had to have.

So if it’s a card you love, have been dying to have, or just are happy to have. A price tag can’t be place on something like that :grin:

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I understand how some things to you are worth more than what you paid for them. I feel like the card was worth it and there are very few listings on ebay to compare it to. I am happy with the card, it’s the first pokemon card I ever bought.


Seems a good buy to me

This is the ultimate answer.

Either way, $50 for that card is not a bad price at all.

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Sweet deal mate!