Why are these so valuable now?

I’m confused? I bought one of these for about £10 when it first came out - now it’s listed for a lot more? Are they hard to come by now?



It’s all about supply and demand, and that’s a particularly rare card. You are very fortunate to have purchased one at such a great price.

It’s a beautiful card indeed.

I bought the one on Y!J with the thumbtack hole in it, for 500 Yen, meh, it’s not that bad. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, why not? It’s an inexpensive way to fill a hole in one’s collection — pun intended! ;D

Seriously, though, I do think it was a good purchase. I bought plenty of “damaged” cards back when I was collecting. It’s one of the reasons I have more than 100 “Flying Pikachu” cards, for instance. :blush:

Yup i bought 28 mint-played GB Dragonite promos for 5 bucks