Newest Pikachu Jumbo promo

Hello Guys,

I need a little help.

New Pikachu jumbo card has been released lately - it’s given to everyone who purchase Pokemon stuff for at least 30$ in Toys’R’us stores (here’s picture of the card I’m talking about - click)
I have opportunity to buy this card for 30$ now. Do you think it is worth it or should I wait few days/weeks more and there’ll be better deals on Ebay?

Please let me know what do you think as I’m kinda new in all this promo/jumbo stuff but I’ve seen that jumbo prices can get really high.

Any help will be really appreciated.
Thank you!

From what I read, they were being giving to the first 100,000 customers that spent the $30 at Toys R Us. If they’re giving that many away, I’d think the price will come down.

After the hype simmers down the prices will too, this is always the case with the Jumbo promos.

Thanks for advice guys! I think I’ll wait some time then.