Should I pick up a 2014 Battle Festa Pikachu for this price?

Just wondering if this is overpriced or decent. thanks
(pre-order btw)

Was under the impression that these were going to see a pretty big distribution. That’s surely too high.


Ok, just wanted to make sure :blush:

“This card will be released as an XY-P Promotional card throughout the months of October and November to all battle participants during the Battle Festa 2014. It features other Pokémon from the promotional artwork for the event, and the Battle Festa logo near the bottom left corner.”

It still has over a month of distribution to go. Wait until the end of November and you will probably be able to get them for 20, or even less.

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ok cool, thanks

As soon as the price goes down a little I will be picking up a few for myself get a few psa 10s hopefully

Anyone know if it is textured?

I’m still surprised that the Pitch’s Pikachu didn’t sustain the higher prices. They were absolutely NOT easy to obtain directly from the J-League events. Getting them from Yahoo Japan, though, was rather easy :blush:

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Hello I am from the future, Did you end up buying this card?