pitch's pikachu rarity?

Anyone care to speculate the rarity and pricing of the 2 pitch’s pikachu cards? is one more rare than the other?

Photo please

They haven’t even been released yet have they?

This is a scan regarding the first design of Pitch’s Pikachu, distributed via the Elementary J-League Soccer Game Participation Event (April 2014 - May 2014). There is currently one listed on eBay for $89.99 US. There are quite a few auctions regarding this particular card on Yahoo! Japan, ranging between 1 円 - 5200 円.


The second design appears to be the uncommon version; there is currently one available on Yahoo! Japan (starting bid @ 100 円). I believe both cards are currently in the midst of being released to participants. I have no idea if one possesses greater rarity than the other; it shall be revealed in time!

In regards to value, declaring a fixed price is a bit risky considering its distribution is currently a brand new (and on-going) event. In certain circumstances, the value decreases once the initial hype fades. In other circumstances, the value may increase due to character and/or campaign popularity. Nevertheless, it has gained intense popularity pretty quickly!

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I saw them after I posted. I feel that around 2000-2500 would be a fair estimate.

Being a fan of football (soccer) and of pokemon these pikachu promos are heaven

I noticed this on Yahoo Jpn yestarday and wondered what it was haha.

Unfortunately it looks like its not a numbered promos :confused:

I’m not really sure if these promos are leaning more towards the classroom participation pikachu/raichus or lucario store giveaway promos in rarity/value. They seem to have a unique distribution method, but will they be heavily produced? definitely will be keeping my eye on these :blush:

According to @japanime these will be very hard to obtain. Him and I have both seen countless of these cards be snapped up BIN at 5000 JPY

Yeah, I don’t think they are going to be very easy to obtain. The cards are only being distributed to preschool-age children. Not too many Japanese parents are going to take a card out of their toddlers’ hands so they can sell the card on YJ Auctions.

When new promos are released in Japan, there are usually several dozen available on auctions within a few hours. These have been out for two days, and there are only nine of them being sold.

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But it’s so cool :slightly_frowning_face: I really want this haha

My thoughts exactly! I can’t wait for the world cup. I will have to get this card for sure.

Good to see a yank into Soccer… most of you guys live and breathe NBA/NFL/NBL correct?

A lot do, especially baseball in my city. But I am personally a huge NHL fan and play soccer competitively. Zidane is/was my favorite player!

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Baseball is the best :blush: although I appreciate Soccer come World Cup haha



Now there’s already 2 sellers who have multiple copies of that card. Price range is pretty huge gotta say. :open_mouth:

You can have the card for 4000Y on YJA … it’s a rip-off !

What’s a rip off?
Ebay or Y!J?

Sorry, my english is bad (one more time, I’m french, it’s a good excuse …) :blush:

By “rip-off”, I mean that sellers on Ebay (mentioned above) are swindlers !

Oh là là! Je suis très désolé! Je ne l’ai pas compris. Alors, maintenant je comprends qu’est-ce que vouz avez écrit et je dirai que vous avez raison! Les vendeurs sur eBay sont des escrocs. Je suis très désolé pour le malentendu. Je peux parler le français parce que j’ai pris les classes pour 12 années à l’école.

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