Did buyee increase shipping cost?

I won a few auctions on there for single cards. They got the items, but are wanting $20 per item for shipping. This seems quite excessive and a lot more than they had charged me on previous auctions that weighed a lot more than 1 card. Has anyone else noticed this?

It’s not actually $20 each for shipping. That’s just their cost for if you were to ship them all individually using EMS.

What you need to do is use Package Consolidation. Once you select them all, they’ll combine that $20, and add the cost of all the shipping fees the sellers charged them. In the end it should be around $30-$50 depending on each seller.

There’s 6 different shipping options you can choose from normally tho? All with varying costs. Haven’t noticed any changes.

Yea that’s what I remembered it being as well, but for some reason it wasn’t giving me any shipping options. It just said shipping was $20 per item. I will check again after the items are consolidated. Thanks.

I raised my prices recently because USPS raised their prices, every last cent of shipping goes to that company and none to my pocket.

On some shipments I noticed they raised the price DOUBLE in less than a year…

Buyee is Japan based though, and uses Japanese postal services.

Yea I paid almost $100 total to get like 6 cards sent over… Between fees and consolidation and packaging to prevent damage. Shipping alone after consolidation was $56.

One of the main issues I have had is when I buy say a single card from Japan. The seller will put it in an old kids school book thing or whatever that weighs quite a lot. While it protects the card decently it also weighs a lot and cost me a lot for shipping that I shouldn’t have to pay for.

It’s because in Japan they hardly use toploaders. Literally the most difficult thing to find EVER.