Buyee question

With the recent 20% off discount, It’s the first time I had an order for more than 200.000 Yen on Buyee. Now I want to ship these orders home.

If the value is greater than 200.000 Yen, Buyee will add an extra consolidation fee of 2800 Yen.
But sending it all in one pack is still cheaper than having two different packages since the cost of an additional pack would be 3150 Yen, right?

Am I missing something here, or is there a better way to get the shipping done?

Edit: I am based in the EU.


I’ve had packages well in excess of the 200,000 yen limit that say they are going to be hit with the customs clearance fee and then once everything is consolidated the charge isn’t actually there. I always use air mail and am located in the US for reference. Maybe someone else can chime in with examples of them actually being charged that fee because in my experience even with packages at 600,000 yen I have never actually incurred it.

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I have also never been hit with the fee despite going over the amount several different times.

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I frequently exceed that value and have never actually been charged with an extra 2800 yen fee. Only the normal fee for consolidation. I have exceeded some amount that as @Pbali said, were hit with the customs clearance process. That’s how I learned about that value ceiling for all my future orders. It wasn’t a major deal though; also based in the US for reference.

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Thank you guys.
Then I am just consolidating everything together.

Just a word of caution
It might have to do with your country’s import rules and regulations. If your country imposes extra fees based on the declared cost the shipper (whatever service you select from buyee) would front the bill and would come collect from you afterwards or before (not sure on this part). For the states i believe it to be quite lax and thus most people have not gotten the surcharge but I would think for other countries with more strict import laws like the UK or so would incur a fee.
I’m not 100% on any of this but this is how I understand it to be.


Hey, just did this for the UK. I consolidated 60 items into two separate packages. (30 items in each). They blast you with warnings about a package over 200,000yen because it has a higher chance of being returned to sender.

Consolidated package 1 value: 122,408yen

Consolidated package 2 value: 271,270yen

Package 1 sails through customs no problem and arrives at depot. Have to pay £121.37 import fees and it’s delivered promptly.

Package 2 gets held up in customs. They contact me requiring a lot of information about every item, invoice for every item and declared value of every item. Takes about four weeks to finally clear, goes to depot and have to pay £351.90 import fees and they then delivered it.

I will never consolidate for a combined value over 200,000 yen again. It all worked out but was just such a lot of effort to get it released and took 3 weeks longer to deliver even though both were shipped at the same time. Swallowing additional postage costs is worth not having to worry.


Every time in the UK I get an email and letter from FedEx prior to delivery if they’re coming for vat, import duty etc

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I chose air delivery instead of EMS. Air delivery use parcelforce who you probably know are absolute shit.

I’ve always done EMS before and get it with fedex and have the same process you mentioned. Made a big mistake with my most recent haul haha! Not sure how fedex would deal with a 200,000+ yen package though.

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Yeah I am based in the EU. Has anyone else from the EU ever had to pay the extra fees?

Yes both when we were in the EU and when we left :smiling_face_with_tear:


I recently had a package that was about 3600 usd so over 200k yen going to the us have about $41 in inport and i did grt the 2800 yen charge added to that package.

I recently did another of around 1500 usd and no extra charges but shipping to europe your likely to get hit with import taxes

I’ve got a ~170k package on the way right now with FedEx and before it’s made it out of Japan I got an invoice lol

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I’m from EU and my over 200k yen package didn’t differ at all from smaller packages, neither in buyee’s side nor customs. It’s the only one i’ve experienced tho so not sure how consistent the system is

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The option with the two smaller packages would be even more expensive. First you’d have to pay for shipping twice but also custom processing fee for Fedex/DHL Express which is I think 15€ per package. Each package would probably still be over the exemption limit of your country, so you wouldn’t safe there either.
I’d just ship it in one order. Make sure you have all the invoices ready if your customs demands them.
On top of that make sure that you were charged the correct amount of duties. A couple of time my customs office wanted 10% duties instead of the correct 2.7% on playing cards. If that’s the case you can get the difference back if you contact them.

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Oh wait it’s only 2.7%?
Then I have been paying too much in the past.
I bought a case of v star universe with a 10% charge😢

So who do you contact in that case? (Germany is the country) usually I just get the invoice from FedEx directly.

And does anyone know how old the case can be? I bought the case in December. Maybe I still have a chance of getting my money back?

You have to contact the customs office directly in written form. Here’s a link with the explanation how to do it: Einspruch gegen den Zollbescheid einlegen - Muster 2023
You have to file the complaint within 30 days.

And here’s the tariff definition what playing cards are:9504 - Spielkarten - Zoll und Intrastat - Martin Vales e.U.


Heh, in finland it’s 24% :new_moon_with_face:

I have had 2 different packages with buyee, 1 via japan post and another via fedex. In the japanpost I had to pay custom fees once it landed in Spain but with the Fedex one I was expecting to pay around 40€ of customs but it got delivered to my house without any fee. Guess I just got lucky :man_shrugging:

Hopefully just watch out with fedex.

I bought something from the UK and the seller sent with parcel force. Parcel force ended up using fedex for delivery and neither him nor i knew until it was delivered to my door.

A month or so goes by and i get a bill from fedex for just under $20 so they sometimes sting you with the bill later on it seems.