Buyee question

But how are they going to make you pay If you already have your package?

Im sure they cant make you pay but would assume if you dont they will send it to a collections agency of some kind.

Would think since atleast a portion of it is going to the countries government they might care if you refuse to pay.

Idk regardless just a heads up i just paid it not worth potential issues over $20

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Does anyone know what the Import costs are when you are shipping to Switzerland when it comes to Pokémon cards?

Google couldn’t provide me a clear answer.

From what I understand: 7.7% VAT (unless they are worth less than 65 CHF including shipping) + 0.43 CHF per kg customs (unless the total amount is less than 5 CHF, which will probably always be the case for Pokémon cards) + service charges of the postal company (for Swiss Post that would be 16 CHF + 3% of the value if everything is declared correctly). So going with your roughly 200k Yen + shipping I’ll say you have goods worth about 1300 CHF as an example, then you would have to pay about 100 CHF in VAT and (assuming the Swiss Post delivers it) 55 CHF in service charges, so about 155 CHF total.

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What shipping do you guys mostly use?

I am a bit undecided because It’s been a couple of years since I sued Buyee.

Why is a Registered Small Package so much cheaper than EMS? Why not just use the Small Package?

I live in Europe and always use Air Delivery. They usually ship with FedEx and my order arrives within ~3 days. I’ve used EMS before and had my package stuck in customs for 3 weeks. Not sure about Registered Small Package though, but looks like shipping time is quite a bit longer with that one

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Thanks for the Info. I also used Air Delivery in the past.

I wouldn’t mind the shipping time if it’s half the price.

I think because EMS is like a top priority international service with delivery times between 4-14 days. Registered small packet (SAL) has restrictions on the weight and box dimensions it will be shipped in. So besides the weight cap, it also has a dimension cap. The shipping times are 1-4 weeks and therefore by default it is a cost effective option for very light stuff.

I am based in the Netherlands, and since COVID, I switched over to FEDEX and quite like their service. Usually all things shipped, depending on the day of the dispatch in the week, are delivered within the week itself and is also surprisingly cheaper than EMS.


But is there any downside to using the Registered Small Package, expect from the longer time?

I haven’t noticed any, all my packages have been just fine and arrived usually in a bit more than week


I would assume none. If you are only ordering cards then they should fit in a small box perfectly fine. I was only stating the fact that if you order something bigger like plushes or playmats etc then it will be an issues due to the box dimensions. But I guess Buyee will let you know automatically if that is an issue in the first place.