Diancie Movie

This concerns me.

We all know the issue that has happened with the Genesect movie. Pair this with the fact that they have an unused alternate artwork of Phantom Forces Diancie, and we have the makings of a terrible situation. I checked some stores today to see if there were any copies with stickers on them, but I was hoping other people might be able to check for some as well. I found 9 copies in 3 stores, but as far as I could tell, none had a promo.

Wait what? What is the issue here?

I think he is afraid they will bundle a Diancle card with the dvdrelease of the movie.

Have you found out at all if there is a card promo in any of the releases for this film?

I haven’t seen any

I have not, but it always seems to be random as to which regional DVD gets a promo. There have been cards in movies for at least six of the seven since the beginning of Diamond & Pearl (some in region 2, some in region 1, etc), and as it’s personally impossible for me to figure this out on my own, I’m hoping as a community we can keep tabs on this.

I know of these DVD cards if you’re intrested in that anyway

Mew ex holon phantoms non-holo
Darkrai DP24 non-holo
Regigigas DP42 non-holo
Keldeo BW60 non-holo
BW101 genesect

And we also had a regular next destinies Pikachu, but it’s the same one you could get from boosters.

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Non Holo Triumphant Celebi in the Zoroark movie. Additionally, Pikachu was in the dual version of the DVD for the Victini movie. If you bought the DVD for JUST black-victini and reshiram, there was an Emerging Powers Gothitelle, and the DVD for JUST white had Noble Victories Reuniclus.