Detective Pikachu Charizard PSA10

So, hopefully i will be getting back my Detective Pikachu Charizard and hopefully I will get a 10.What sould be a fair sale price? I’m talking about regular holo Charizard.

Appx how many were released? Are they rare? How rare?



When the first few 10s get back these might go up to $50-60 as people rush to get them but when the dust settles it will be a $20 card.

Detective Pikachu is a very small set and huge amounts will be opened. I’d compare it to Evolutions in that it’s a gateway drug to the rest of Pokemon tcg for the young and uninitiated.


Auction quick or reasonably high BIN OBO once you get them back if you are one of the first ones. They’ll go nowhere but down in the near term first few always go too high to impatient people or people who just want the first one. Just like the evolutions FA zard. I sold them at $300+, $200+, ~$100 all the way down to the current $60ish.

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I’ve opened 20 Detective Pikachu 4-card boosters and pulled 6 Charizards. It could be that I was just really lucky with a 30% pull rate, but regardless I get the feeling this Charizard is really, really common. I wouldn’t put any hopes on a PSA 10 version being at all valuable long-term.

I opened about 200 packs and got 3. You were pretty lucky but still there are loads of them out there.

Ok, thanks everyone, if I’m gonna be first to post them, I’ll probably do few BIDs for $50 and few auctions and will just go from there.

Dang, and I thought I was unlucky! I had to open about 30 packs before I got my 1st one.

Opened 25 and got only 1 lol

Opened 68 packs and only got two.

Clearly these are the chase rare in the set due to lower drop rate but as everyone else stated Detective Pikachu product will be opened into oblivion.

If you bought it raw with the intention of grading and flipping, there is very little money to be made after grading and sales fees. You’ll be lucky to make $10 profit on each card.

We have a grading special right now as well so that may affect the number of submissions. For example, I’m using a few that I like so I can reach the minimum.

I think the real story is the number of packs people in here have opened, not the actual pull rate.


I thought these cards were a lot more common. I just got really lucky though reading the pulls other people had. I got a mewtwo, greninja, and charizard from the greninja box. The only silver star rare (not sure if there’s a special name for them) I had to buy as a single was Ditto.

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Just because it’s Charizard doesn’t mean it’s rare. That has been the case since Base actually. I wouldn’t pay more than $10 for one of these. Of course there is less experienced people out there…

I pulled a Charizard in my second pack… so yeah don’t get your hopes too high for value long term.