DarthEevee’s Eevee Alts binder collection

Hi friends!

You may have seen my slab collection here: DarthEevee’s eevee art collection

but I am also rounding out my collection by including a binder of all of the English eevee “alts” (printings other than what’s graded) along with unique holos from any language.

Wish me luck! As of posting, I’m missing a few bigger cards (stamp rally, STAFF, sky ridge reverse) as well as a number of foreign printings that I’m excited about.

Enjoy :fox_face:


I just want to say from one eevee collector to another that Im glad you shared this, and it makes me happy. Do you collect more than the cards for Eevee, or plan on it as well?

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So I have a personal binder of sentimental cards DarthEevee’s Personal (non Eevee) collection but since joining the forum, talking about it at home, etc, I’ve decided to only collect eevees from here on out!

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Thanks to the forum’s card trader rec, I was able to nab these cuties for the binder. Only missing two for the first page


Two new additions! GX ultra shiny confetti foil and Chinese evolving skies. The Chinese reverses are so nice.


Woah. Those are insane. Time to pick some up myself. We should get some cool patterns like China does.

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Yeah the s Chinese go kinda hard tbh. I’ve seen two pattern types (the sun moon eevee has a different one) and they’re great

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Ok well even more mail today. Chinese mirror holo promo & dp-MD holo

Look out friends, we’ve got a swirl!