Custom TCG Illegal Scam

This isnt ebay garbage but its that pos who made those custom card youtube videos, here is his scummy site

Hes using your photos by the way @smpratte at least the bottom half.

Look at this shit


This website is a drive-through lawsuit for Pokemon.

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What a dumbass


Vile Scum

@djgigabyte Would the Pokemon contact you got from regionals be interested in this?

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Wow. Youtubers promoting fakes and now this.

What’s Nintendo’s e-mail or contact number so we all can report them?

Awful stuff.

Does it ever stop? Wow.

I love how for the Trophies/Promos, that he doesn’t know confirmed sold prices for, he just assumes they’re worth 1500pounds to help sell his product to oblivious people.

LOL RRP? worth the card he prints them on and that’s it. He is advertising his fakes liek they are real …he needs reporting asap.! It is false advertising, fraud and deception.

Oh and the minor copyright infringement and others :wink:

“Ours are made mint grade 10 as fresh as they come”
Something seriously wrong with this bloke. Needs to be sued into oblivion.

This guy is just disgusting, I hope get gets a takedown notice from TPC.

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Pretty sure that’s my FPO set.

This message was recently flagged as spam on my Pikachu Illustrator video:


wow, the audacity. Almost makes me laugh

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This is absolutely ridiculous. Reminds me so much of those fake rolex websites where they have been “marked down” from $5000 to $199.99. Absolute trash.

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I just got an email that this asshat made another comment on my videos:

Just putting this here to further reference they are fully aware they are scamming people.

Reported this to their email (I hope it’s the right one) but no replies. Anybody know the correct email?