Are fake cards a recent trend? Can we report this?

Hi guys,

Just found out through a facebook group that someone in the UK setup a website and is trying to sell fake cards, and I don’t mean the custom made stuff, or the obvious Chinese fakes, but actual replicas of high end cards.

I am not too concerned about Illustrators as those are rare and expensive enough that any buyer would take due diligence, but the goldstars are particularly worrying.

Below are links to the guy’s shop and youtube channel:


Anyway, I don’t know what the quality of these fakes is, or how long such cards have been in the market for, should we as a community worry about these? Also, is there anyone we can report this stuff to?

We should always try and report these to the Pokémon company :wink:

That guy who started that counterfeit site is one of the biggest dumbfucks in the hobby. Their site has been sent to Pokemon’s legal team.


I hate this so badly, seeing people print these fake cards really anger me.

They also use photos of real cards, a lot being my exact cards.

Wonder how good these cards are. In the images on the website there seems to be a slight void between the Pokémon image and the actual holographic…

The Pokemon Company International really needs to start taking action on these sites. There is absolutely positively 0 reason to let this continue for any longer.

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Whoever has set the site up is showing the RRP at the market rate of the legit version of the card!

Be interesting to see what the back of the cards look like.

The front of the cards look quite convincing. Hopefully nobody gets stung on buying these.

Just realised they look convincing because they’re photos of real cards

Tempted to ask them whether theyll send me some sample cards to see how realistic they actually are. I can report back to you guys.

There is no need to provide feedback on counterfeit garbage.

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Also the links were removed to their store as I don’t want to freely advertise this nonsense.

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“patten” written twice? “Excat”?
Grammar etc.

Not exactly a 6th grade graduate lol.


Sorry Scott,

Should have posted screenshots instead and PM you the links so you could report.

Also, cards on his youtube videos look similar enough to the real thing, and I am sure he wouldn’t have bought an authentic Kangashkan or Illustrator for the sake of his crap website.

Obvious Chinese fakes and custom made cards, bad as they are, just prey on people’s ignorance, but it is a whole new ballgame if undistinguishable fakes start flooding the market. MTG is struggling with that problem already, would hate to see Pokemon go down the same route.

Anyway, is this something people encountered in the past or is the introduction of these fakes into the market a recent thing?

The truth is that many people simply don’t care if the item is fake or real. You see it all the time with movies on eBay. A large majority of people don’t understand why they’d pay $100-150 for a complete series of something on Amazon when it can be bought on eBay from a seller in China for $30 bucks instead.

A eBay seller sent me a fake card then I checked their auctions and they were all full of fakes.

Contacted pokemon of America, gave them all his info and they basically said “thanks, but we dont give a shit”.

He’s still selling on eBay to this day.

Sent me photos of trainer B and A fakes after the sale asking if I wanted some. Had some nerve.

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They’ll start caring when (if) TCG sales start to decline.

“costum” cards you say? :3


Japan seems to care about copyright ten times more than rights holders here in the United States. The Japanese government is avidly working to prevent as much manga, anime and music piracy as they can. You see articles all of the time about website shutdowns and new laws going into effect in Japan to prevent situations like this, along with digital piracy. You may be onto something here.

Mmmmmh I concur