Custom Hand painted Feraligatr

Hey everyone

I recently ordered a hand-painted pokemon card and it looks pretty amazing.

This is the original card.

Original card

This is the card painted on top of the original one.

Hand painted


That’s really cool, but I think it would look even better if the text and all that was painted over as well.

now that’s what a full art card should look like


Did you buy it from Etsy?

I bought the Entei one myself and the guy will be doing some of my other Entei Cards when I send them to him



Amazing, love 'm!

What a beauty!

I wanted it to look like a full art Pokemon card. Without text, it just looks like a picture card, and doesn’t even look like a Pokemon card anymore IMO.

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Yeah, I also bought it from Etsy. Your Entei card looks great!

Yeah, i love that they left the text.

Sweet niche items. How much does the guy charge?

$25 for most cards.

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These are awesome! There are other artists that draw the pokemon over energy cards. I think these background works are better!