Correcting a PSA Mislabel

(the card is not Pokemon related, but it might help others as well)

I was curious how to go about doing this?
The label is supposed to be for the 1999 Chinese V-Jumo Promo, but as you can see it is labeled as the 1999 Japanese Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon Championship Prize card lol. Do you think PSA will recognize it as a Chinese version? If so, how would I send it to PSA? Do I need to call them and ask them or is there something I can fill out and send in?

Thank you for any help!

I had an issue similar to this. I emailed PSA customer service ( and I received an email back quickly.

They asked me for pictures of the card, the certification number, and a detailed description of what was mislabeled. After I provided the information, the rep said he forwarded it to the grading department to determine whether or not the card in fact needed correction. That took a few days. As the card did need relabeling, the rep gave me instructions on how to send the card in to be relabeled. It was done for free within 10 business days and PSA will reimburse you any shipping costs. You don’t need to pay anything.

Hope this helps :blush:


Thanks man that helps a lot :blush:

I hope they will be able to accept the fact thats it’s a Chinese card :zipper_mouth_face:

Looks like PSA have a… seceptability to poor eyesight.


Ah, so one needs to E-mail or call them first to get reimbursed for shipping? I only needed to fix a label once (they labeled my 1st Ed. Gold Star Zard as an English Crystal Charizard lol) and I just filled out one of the forms they include in the kit they send when you sign up for a membership. They changed the label for free, but they never mentioned anything about reimbursement for shipping .-.