CONCLUDED: PSA Lost My $4,500 Submission (PSA Lost? USPS Theft?)

Gotta say I was not expecting a relieving conclusion - these stories so often end terribly.


I do plan on re-submitting them to PSA.
Funny enough, those Zoros have already all been submitted to BGS and all got 9.5’s.
One of them submitted 3 times.

BGS is not an option, so they have to go back to PSA.

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Best of luck. Im glad everything is restored, and that burden is off your back.


Chaotic circumstance but glad it was resolved

So glad to hear it worked out in the end. I said it before in this thread but didn’t want to overstate it at the time since the cards were still missing…

Message to everyone: 1 submission per box per label. Do not put 2 submissions in the same shipment. The savings on shipping is not worth it. Also no need for insurance if each shipment is lower in value as opposed to 1 expensive box.


yeah im prob gonna start doing this… ive put upwards of 5 subs in the same box and never had issues but this is pretty scary

What a very strange story. Nothing seems to add up here, but really all that matters is you got the cards back!


I am relieved to hear this! I had honestly thought they were gone for good. There is no way my cards would leave my sight again after this.


Glad to hear you got your cards back. Very odd indeed.

If PSA found them it seems very weird that they would return them to you and pretend they never found them rather than just progressing them through the grading process. At the same time, given these were in the same parcel as your other submission it’s hard to imagine that someone other than PSA found them lol.

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I agree with what you’re saying. I know other cases where submissions get lost at PSA, and then once found, they instantly go to grading. Even when USPS, for some reason, lost an entire package and delivered it randomly to PSA (Months later), PSA also just started the grading process as usual.

The theory that PSA sent them back makes sense since they confirmed with me several times (as well as higher management) that there was no other submission in the box. Rather than saying it was lost at PSA.

I honestly can not make sense of my situation or how they actually came back to me.


I honestly would demand an explanation before ever choosing to grade with them again. It’s fantastic that you have your cards back, but it is incredibly suspect that they were returned to you like this. The only thing that makes sense in my head is either an employee from either USPS or PSA was found to have them in their possession and then the organization of the responsible party tried to minimize blame and hide the actions through a weird return.


I’m not sure who I would even demand an explanation from.

USPS is impossible to reach, and the insurance claim was denied. (Even if it had gone through, it would have only paid out $100.) Maybe the investigation triggered some sort of inspection, which caused the USPS worker to get cold feet and somehow return the submission.

PSA is more than adamant that it was never in their possession, and the only way I can escalate this further is to start a civil suit, which would not only waste my time and money but also put me in a bad position with PSA, whom I grade with extremely frequently.

Either way, the cards are already being sent back to PSA. They were shipped via Express and from a different post office than before.