Complete Legend of Blue Eyes 1st Edition PSA 10 Set at Auction

You don’t see this every day :eyes:

The featured collection exists as one of less than 10 known PSA 10 sets featuring all 126 cards in the set known to have ever been assembled by a collector.


Wow thats insane. One of the craziest yugioh auctions ive ever seen, cant wait to see what it ends at.


Sold for $69,000

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Seems super cheap IMO

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a steal. aoki paid a lot more for just the blue eyes during the peak


I thought that it was a great price too. Yu-Gi-Oh (like all TCGs/CCGs) has seen a large decline from the COVID boom.


Solid price. This set has seen nice growth, but a big drop as well. Definitely a nice purchase for someone who has the money right now.

Reverse take: Aoki paid way too much


well yeah that’s an evergreen statement


I have no knowledge of YuGiOh but surely the additional cards don’t add that much of a premium to the set? I feel like a seller does themselves a disservice when auctioning as a lot because it outprices too many people who could be willing to spend more on single cards.

Like if there was a complete Base Set or something, I’d bet that all the 80+ non-holos would almost be ‘free’ because whoever could afford the Charizard or set of the holos and would be willing to spend at any time already would be such a small number of people.

Which is why I also don’t really get people trying to sell master sets or buying to complete master sets to sell. Yeah, some people expect a 1:1 price but in reality they would all go for much lower because it just excludes too many potential buyers.

1 transaction vs 100 transaction