Collection Direction Help?

Hey guys, I’ve been trying to figure out something specific as a collection goal, or something to go for. I’ll lay out some of my ideas below. What do you guys think I should collect? I really like all of these, but I don’t have the resources and time to go after all of them. I’d love your input. All of these would be PSA 9/10 sets.

Hoenn Legends Full Arts
Hoenn Legends Cards
Latias/Latios Cards
Darkrai Cards
Deoxys Cards

I have a good collection of Hoenn Legendary Pokemon cards already, so it would be fun to continue that and not too expensive. And the ORAS sets out now would make it easier. But, it isn’t a huge challenge. So, any thoughts?

Join me with Rayquaza! ;D

id stay clear of darkrai, there is one enigmatic promo that will drive nuts trying to complete.

I wouldn’t be into collecting every Darkrai card, just a good amount of them. So one crazy rare promo won’t kill me.

I’d stick with what you have and build on that, unless something is standing out that you really wanna go for!

I’d go with latios and latias. They have some regular cards, special promos, epic sharded versions, sweet deck cards, new cards, full arts, what more would you want!?

If I were you Latias/Latios definitely, the amount of different prints is reasonable so you don’t have to commit too much for one collection. Of course there’s few more expensive cards like gold stars and Alto Mare duo.

I’ll pick Deoxys, not too many Deoxys collections around :wink:

And you’ll have a blast tracking down all the half deck japanese prints :blush:

See that’s something I’d like doing. Not too expensive but still a challenge!


That lenticular card is cool :wink:

I should have an extra single of the lenticular one.

Hahaha, don’t do Deoxys. Just trust me.

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