Collect A Con (Orlando)

Hello everyone. Collect-a-Con in Orlando is in two weeks and I’m so excited to be attending. I’ve never attended a con before so I’m not quite acquainted with the do’s & don’ts at these kinds of events. I’d like to bring a backpack to store my purchases but also planned on bringing some product to trade/sell with the vendors. Is this permitted or just frowned upon? Any tips and/or suggestions for the event would be appreciated. Looking forward to see any of you down there!


It would be OK for you to bring a backpack with binders/slabs. I would recommend using plenty of deodorant and bringing/drinking tons of water. Trade shows and cons can get VERY hot and smelly; a recent trade show that I went to smelled like farts and pot the entire time.

Besides that, have fun and be social if you’re comfortable with that. Collectors in the Pokemon space are often very kind and welcoming.


@gemmintpokemon and @blackgyver will be there


I will as well!

Here’s a thread that will help you: First Time Collect-a-con Tips?

Farts & Pot lolol. That is a very accurate way to describe how most LGS & “nerdy” events smell.


Just looked up directions. I’m Pensacola Florida so figured it might be close. It’s still 6 1/2 hours drive and I’m still in the process of getting my Kia transferred to my name.

Any update on what E4 members are going? I’ll be there and can’t wait.


Not sure if I’ll go on Saturday or Sunday but I’ll be there one of the two days.


It’s so tempting. I almost ordered a grey hound trip. A little nervous to go to one of these things for the first time and I don’t actually know anyone in person


Taking the plunge and just doing it in these situations usually ends up in having a good time.

Worst case scenario you get to eat fast food and play video games in your hotel room lol.

Do it. It won’t be a problem. Seriously. I went to the Denver collectacon by myself and had an AMAZING time and made some great friends. Many of whom I’m getting together with again this weekend in Orlando. People will welcome you into the groups with open arms.

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Can confirm! I met Cody in Denver and had a great time socializing with the many, many collectors there. Most people don’t know this, but I’m actually quite an introvert. Being in a place with so many like-minded and passionate collectors though, makes for an easy ice-breaker to the social awkwardness. I would highly recommend Collectacon to anyone that has the opportunity to go.


For what it’s worth, I would echo what has already been said above: if it at all interests you, it’s worth going despite not knowing anyone. The regionals/Harada signing earlier this month in Orlando was my first in-person Pokemon event and I had a lot more fun than I thought I would and met at least 10 people I can think of off the top of my head that are on this forum, plus many others. It was really cool to see how events go, and also to see the stuff other people had, hear their insights, and share in the overall experience. Really wish I could go back to Orlando for collect a con or the regionals/Himeno signing in Charlotte for that reason.

So definitely do it! :slight_smile:

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VIP tickets are sold out. Damnnnnnnit I thought I’d be able to grab it the night before like I always do, I guess I’ll be waiting in the peasants line.

Can’t wait for tomorrow. I’ll be wearing a Gators tshirt so say hello if you spot me. Hope to meet y’all.