Which Collect a Con is best?

Hello everyone. Since collect a con is in various cities, what are your opinions on which ones are the best/ largest? Orlando was my first convention but I’ve heard Dallas is much larger. Can anyone share their experience? Would like to go again next year.

@gemmintpokemon has been to all of them? Maybe he can weigh in


I would say Dallas just because there are so many large entities in the hobby located near there. So it tends to go pretty hard.

In terms of how many overall people attend or vendors? Vendors are typically always the same number - over 600.

I’ve been to Dallas and Denver. I loved the Dallas venue (it was awesome), but I knew a lot more collectors in Denver. We had some massive trade nights and spent all weekend hanging-out and vending together. Personally, the people matter more to me than the location. I’ll probably be heading to Charlotte this time around and know several members of E4 will be there. I’d recommend that one, if you’re looking to socialize. I’m always happy to meet up with other collectors at events!


Charlotte because I’ll be there! Plus they changed it from the venue last year to the convention center Uptown, it’ll be much nicer.

I think they’re all fun. The cities they’re in definitely shapes the experience. Charlotte will be a ton of southern collectors like Rusty. LA is west coast hustle through and through. Kansas City had a massive venue hall and was very easy to walk around. Food in Fort Worth is really good.

Each city pulls the locals from the area. Many of the vendors travel to every show.

I value ease of getting to and from the hotel to venue as well as a massive hotel lobby for trade nights. Always in the hotel of choice. Many groups have a tradition of Brazilian steakhouse one of the nights.

The actual experience at each event is largely similar. It’s 50 people you want to connect with and a balancing act of your time between shopping, chatting, eating and experiencing the activities.

LA will probably be packed and difficult to move around in.

Going to one isn’t like going to them all, but going to one is better than none.

To answer your question, going to the one closest to you is probably easiest. Once you go to one, you’ll probably want to go to more.