CNET interview!

For everyones reading pleasure :blush: :$50k-offers-on-ebay/

Thoughts everyone? Its nice to see that even all these years latter, Pokemon can still generate buzz.

#4 Top headline! Go Scott :wink:

Love it.

Awesome! This is great for the hobby. :blush:

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Great pub…nice interview.

Thanks Mike, and everyone else! Hopefully this helps the hobby!

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Scott, just don’t ever mention Y!J to the public and everything should be fine :blush:

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Very nice, hope this doesn’t attract more people to my potential additions to the collection! I kid, I kid!

Have you really had an offer near $50,000??? If you have I wonder how much values of other Trophies will rise too…

Love it! :blush: congrats!!!

If this card does go for over 50k…where would that place it on the all time sales of “non sports” cards? Pretty close to the top would be my bet!

I truly hope this card smashes the record. It would be nice to see that happen when so many people are watching, this way no one can argue about how much one sold for :stuck_out_tongue:

I am sure they will. They already had risen quite a bit since I purchased my first trophy in 2009 (No.3 SSB) for $1300. Good luck finding one for that now! That being said, will any ever get near the illustrators price? I doubt it. After all the Pokemon Illustrator is the crème de la crème. Lets hope it does not go they way of the original birthday Pikachu :wink:

BTW how much did you pay? Was it about $10,000?

P.S. I noticed that this article also talks about the card

They quote Bulbapedia which you edited Scott, about the card you’re selling! Pretty funny how you’re sort of the authority on the Illustrator now :stuck_out_tongue:

With the exchange rate he certainly paid much more than that :wink:

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I am not sure where it would place all time with non-sports cards. If you think about it, the card should earn more because of the sheer amount of copies, or lack thereof.

I hope it does sell, mainly so I can buy back the cards I had to thin out from my collection. :blush:

Wish you the best. That would be quite the card flip :wink:

Scott, you made the front page of Yahoo!

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And of course the comments are the typical variety that comes from the trash bag people who post on Yahoo articles. You live in your mom’s basement, you have no life, you need a girlfriend, the token trolls claiming they have one/a dozen/twenty of those cards in their basements/in English, blah blah blah. I knew I shouldn’t have looked but considering the subject matter of the article I couldn’t help doing it to cringe.

Holy crap! How many offers did you get on the Illustrator just today?!?!? lol and it looks like a ton more views as well!

Yes, a ton flew in today after the Yahoo article. Unfortunately I exceeded the message limit for ebay and have to wait until tomorrow to contact a few of the potential buyers.

wow Scott nice to see you on the front page LOL.hope you get some good money for that card its one of a kind.