Cman's Card Cavalcade

Hey guys! I’e enjoyed scrolling through all your collections and thought I would share some of mine! I’ll also be posting PSA submissions and returns on here. Hopefully I’ll be able to update his thread consistently, lol.

My Favorite Pokemon Cards

My Favorite Dynamic Duo

My Favorite Oddball Cards

Part of my Call of Legends Master Set (only posting the cards everyone wants to see, missing 3 reverse holos)

My Charizard Cards (Plus above Charizard and 1st Ed. Shining Charizard)


Nice collection, love the bottom Charizard pic!

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Thanks qwachansey! Trying to collect one copy of every standard released english Charizard card in its highest rarity form :blush: (i.e. I won’t collect unlimited cards if a 1st Ed. variant exists)

Hey guys! So I’m preparing my next PSA submission, and wanted to get some of your feedback – to make it fun, I made a survey accessible HERE. It’s 9 questions and all you have to do is select one of the multiple choices or write out the predicted grade. I’m curious to see what you guys will think the cards will grade purely based on the condition of the back. I tried making it as user-friendly and fast as possible!

Tough to grade a card by only the back. Plus some had 2 cards and didn’t know how to answer so just skipped them.

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That’s ok! The backs are all I’m really concerned with :blush: Thanks for filling it out regardless Gary!

For anyone else interested in filling out the survey, when you get to the 2 card sections, if you think cards 3 & 4 will grade 9 and 10, for example, then write “3” in the 9 row and write “4” in the 10 row. If you think both cards will grade a 9, then write “3, 4.”

8 responses now as of 9:40am EST! I will be posting what cards I’ll end up submitting at 8pm EST!

Thank you to everyone who filled out the responses! You can see what the 10 responders predicted below. The cards are:

Charizard Gold Star x3 (#1, 2, and 12) - Submitting. Hoping for a PSA 7+ for each. #2 has two tiny “dings” at the top – not sure how that would affect grading. Have had these copies for a while now; finally getting them graded.
Alakazam (#3) - Probably not submitting as I’m expecting an 8 or 9
Lugia EX (#4) - Probably not submitting as I’m expecting an 7, 8, or 9 (front has imperfections around the edges upon closer examination)
Charizard (#5) - Submitting. Hoping for a PSA 9+.
1st Ed. Shining Magikarp (#6) - Submitting. Hoping for a PSA 9+.
1st Ed. Machamp (#7) - Submitting. Hoping for a PSA 10, wouldn’t be surprised with a PSA 9, as there’s silvering along the edges.
Vaporeon Gold Star (#8) - Submitting. Hoping fora 10. If it doesn’t get a 10, then none of my other cards have a chance at getting a 10.
Suicune SL (#9) - Not submitting as I’m expecting a 9. It’s been in my complete CoL collection. Would only grade if it was 10 material.
Groudon SL (#10) - Not submitting as I’m expecting an 8 or 9. It’s been in my complete CoL collection. Would only grade if it was 10 material.
Dialga SL (#11) - Probably not submitting as I’m expecting a 9 more than a 10. It’s been in my complete CoL collection. Would only grade if it was 10 material (it’s the most likely, though).

That makes 7 cards that I will be submitting! I’ll be adding 3 more cards so that I can send them over to @smpratte 's grading service.

Survey is still open in case anyone else wants to anonymously provide feedback! Thank you all again!

Collated Feedback

Images of the Cards (minus the SL’s; you can see them in my post above if you’re so inclined, lol)

Note: the “scratch” on the Charizard GS #2 is just from the sleeve. It has no scratches, but the two “dings” can be seen on the card as well.

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Good luck. Hope you get as many 10s as possible, or your expected grades at the very least. Merry Christmas. :blush:

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Thank you so much @poken00b88! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you as well! :blush:

Hey guys!! PSA Submission finally came back (thank you @smpratte !) Some of these cards were in the guessing game from December (see previous posts), some weren’t. Grades are as followed (cards from “Guess that Grade” in bold):

MINT 9 1999 Pokemon Game 8 Machamp-Holo 1st Edition Card
GEM MINT 10 2001 Pokemon Neo Revelation 1st Edition 66 Shining Magikarp-Holo Card
GEM MINT 10 2003 Pokemon EX Dragon 100 Charizard-Holo Card
GEM MINT 10 2004 Pokemon EX Team Magma vs. Team Aqua 93 Sceptile EX-Holo Card
GEM MINT 10 2003 Pokemon EX Sandstorm 98 Raichu EX-Holo Card
MINT 9 2006 Pokemon EX Dragon Frontiers 100 Charizard-Holo Gold Star Card
MINT 9 2006 Pokemon EX Dragon Frontiers 100 Charizard-Holo Gold Star Card
NEAR MINT-MINT 8 2006 Pokemon EX Dragon Frontiers 100 Charizard-Holo Gold Star Card
GEM MINT 10 2007 Pokemon EX Power Keepers 102 Vaporeon-Holo Gold Star Card
GEM MINT 10 2010 Pokemon Heartgold & Soulsilver 87 Vulpix Stage 1 Blisters Card
GEM MINT 10 2010 Pokemon Heartgold & Soulsilver 7 Ninetales-Holo Cracked Ice-Stage 1 Blisters


Cards are back! Machamp was the only one I wasn’t overly enthusiastic with, but I wasn’t surprised it got a 9.


Wow! Congrats on the grades! (I think I guessed maybe only 4 right on the survey, lol) Where did you find the GS charizards? I am always on the hunt for ungraded near mint or mint GSs, but they only get harder and harder to find. My personal experiences buying ungraded on Ebay is that they are typically is in poor condition.

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That’s exactly what I did, haha. I bought these 3 in the span of a week and a half last summer and wasn’t planning on grading them, instead selling them to trollandtoad, but I’m glad that I got them graded instead!

Just wanted to toss in a quick update on my collecting – it’s been a while and my collection’s grown quite a bit! Pictures will be added below and above (in my original post).

I purchased a Skyridge Celebi in PSA 10! This is my second favorite pokemon card in terms of artwork, behind rayquaza GS. I don’t really have a 3rd favorite artwork (maybe Charizard EX from FRLG? but I have that already) so I’m done chasing single cards for now :blush:

That said, I’ve veered into collecting PSA 10 gold star cards! I have 4 currently, with 3 of them (Espeon, Vaporeon, Registeel) joining the Rayquaza GS I already had. The vaporeon is the one I graded myself :blush:

Purchased a PSA 10 FRLG Venusaur EX to complete my PSA 10 FRLG Starter EX trio!

Purchased a few of the world championship “top 32/top 16/semifinalist/etc.” cards but don’t think I’ll be pursuing any more since they’re hard to come by. Purchased a sealed red cheeks error E3 Pikachu as well!

My Call of Legends master set (normal, RH, theme deck exclusive, prerelease) is near-complete! I am only missing RH mawile, RH umbreon, RH phanpy (corrected text), and a prerelease staff snorlax. May or may not consider collecting the crosshatch league energies, but for now I’m not considering that in my master set.
Sending a few more cards for grading very soon as well!


Good luck with your grading and your continued hunting! You seem to have most of the most expensive cards covered already though, great beginning to your sets :blush:

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