Clever, interesting/unique pokemon cards for under $160

Looking for something to burn my ebay buckaroos on. I don’t care about investment potential as I have plenty of those. Looking for cards with interesting artwork, history or are overall super cool looking. Bonus points if it is an Eevolution. Here are some that I found:

Generations Flareon EX RC28/RC32

Legendary Treasures Mew EX RC24/RC32

Kanazawa Pikachu

Kanazawa Milotic

Shibuya Pikachu


This one for sure. Not in a 10 but raw yes


Woah thats really sick, i’ll add it to my list!!! Thank you for the suggestion!

Ooyamas Pikachu
Exchange/trade please
Pokekyun Psyduck
Shining Mew
Some pika medals

Those are some good ones I can think of. No eeveelutions there though :pensive:


That psyduck is sick!! I already own the corocoro shining mew and the shining legends one! Appreciate the suggestions!!

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the eeveelutions had a lot of championship promos in 2013 and 2014.

I was only thinking about vaporeon, glaceon and vaporeon but seems like they are all here:

Nice cards, nice history and eeveelutions. Good luck spending those ebay bucks!


The trainer magazine Eeveelutions are always cool

And if you want something unique that’s also sealed, the Leafeon vs Metagross Expert Deck is not too expensive. The cards themselves aren’t very unique, but the deck is pretty cool and the way it worked as well.


How to make a proper “whatshouldibuy” thread


Generations flareon is one of my all time favourite cards so I absolutely recommend that one.
Also space fissure deoxys vs is a 3D lenticular card, the image changes when you tilt the card. Without a doubt one of the most unique cards ever made in Pokémon.
For eevee cards maybe poncho eevee promo.


You should still be able to find a sealed mint Game Boy promo Dragonite for <$160, like this one, so I’ll just throw that in the ring.


Oh man, if I buy even a single one of those i’ll be forced to finish the set haha…made that mistake with gold stars. Appreciate the suggestion haha

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Oh wow this will look sick in my display when my new house is done! I’m definitely going to start looking at these! Thank you for the suggestion!

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I second this card 100%. @kingboo64, that was the card that exposed me to the battle road and tournament winner cards. Scrolling through bulbapedia and finding exclusive cards that I’ve never seen before has been the most rewarding experience I’ve had in this hobby so far.


I really like the carddass cards. This set is avaialble on ebay for 53 bucks right now.


Players club your name cards like groudon, kyogre, rayquaza ect… sometimes WB creator cards can be under $160, jungle no symbols, most neo destiny non holo rares in psa 10, early gold cards, japanese hyper rares and shiny v charizard is under $100 mint raw on yahoo japan… in a short time itll be much more expensive

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I’m glad you made this thread. I am at a loss on what to spend my eBay bucks on too, but those vol 19 trainers mag Eeveelutions are gorgeous. These three cards are also available from Japan and are also beautiful.


This might be a tad over your budget, but wanted to put Karen’s Umbreon on your radar if it isn’t already.


Wow, this thread is starting to look pretty close to my Ebay watchlist… :unamused:

Anyways, I would definitely recommend these if you don’t have them!


You can still probably find these Boss Pikachu cards individually for under $160 USD.


Such a gorgeous card

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