Clash of Clans

Does anyone else play this? It’s a mobile iDevice/Android app that is a lot of fun.

Essentially, you build up a small town and army with the ultimate goal of defeating people in multiplayer for their trophies (you win a certain number of your opponent’s based on their strength relative to yours).

My college unit has a clan that they are building up if anyone plays and wants to join an established group of players.

never played it but sounds interesting

Definitely worth checking out!

Hehe… Charlie I know someone who does! PM me…

I play although once you get really high leveled it becomes almost impossible to progess. Either you have to pay money or just grind archer attacks literally the entire day to get enough resources. There is one app that can search for good attacks but with a lot of the recent updates they somehow removed bases that were abandoned or just had a lot of loot. They have embraced the freemium aspect which is sad because I really enjoy the mechanics of this game.

Yeah, I’m fairly high level and I understand that for sure. Still makes a great casual game for me as I don’t have to check it but once or twice a day.
You should post a screenshot of your base!

I only spent money once, and it was while highly intoxicated so I don’t really even count that as me. I spent 200$ and it was not even spent well, as you can see one segment of my walls is completely upgraded.

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Not bad at all! I’ve been playing for a year and a halfish now. I’ve spent $15, which was when the money was being donated to Red.

Nice. You have a lot more upgrades than me. You’re holding out on the TH though?

They really have improved the clans wars though. It almost used to be a complete waste of resources to compete. However, I still usually sit out because it is hard to commit and I feel like an ass when I don’t attack and we lose. :grin:

I complete each tier before I advance in TH level. It lets me keep more of my loot when being attacked and gives me higher percentages when attacking. I don’t really need the boosted townhall, as what I have in defenses sufficiently defends my important stuff.

Good luck finishing up those wall

Slowly but surely, it will get done. I’m not overly worried about it. As long as they don’t screw me over again and removed another level of walls that can be upgraded with elixir. I was extremely disappointed by that update.

Dang, you guys make my base look like shit. I think I need to redo everything :stuck_out_tongue: